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About EmpXtrack Talent Management Software

EmpXtrack is a Global HR software product on the Cloud that helps manage the entire employee lifecycle in your organization. It covers

  • Manpower planning and budgeting,
  • Recruitment and onboarding,
  • Performance management,
  • Growth & development,
  • Workflow management and
  • eventual exit.

EmpXtrack helps automate all the Talent Managements processes and can help in significant cost optimization besides providing strategic inputs to all stakeholders in real-time.

Our Vision

We believe that effective Talent Management software is required by all companies irrespective of their size, revenue, geography or type of employees. We can offer this by giving you

  • Complete flexibility in purchase (add features as you need them)
  • Offering a complete Talent Management solution
  • Highly competitive costs
  • Support for customizations

Our goal is to make your HR function completely paperless and help it become a strategic partner in your business.

Key Benefits from EmpXtrack

EmpXtrack has 3 kinds of users – Employees, HR and Managers. Each can benefit by using the product.

  • Employees have full access to their data. All processes are completely transparent.
  • HR does not need to manage data on paper or spreadsheets and can focus on talent management, employee engagement and adding business value.
  • Managers and Management have full access to reports and analytics in real-time to take business critical decisions quickly.

Our Customers

EmpXtrack Talent Management solutions are being used by over 300 customers across 21 countries and over 150K employees daily. 100s of HR Managers enroll to our Free trial on a daily basis to try out various features and learn more about HR automation.

We serve companies in Financial, IT, Professional Services, Manufacturing, Retail and many-many other domains.

Tons of Features To Explore

  • Human Capital Management

    For many companies that are starting their HR automation journey, the first steps include the conversion of spreadsheets to a full database with workflows. Our HCM solution offers an HRIS, Payroll, Attendance, Self Services such as Leave, Travel & Expenses, Claims, Timesheet and Help desk and much more

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  • Performance Management

    Organizations succeed when they continuously push their top performers and retrain the non-performers. Our Performance Management solution can help you identify the employees and manage them effectively.
    We provide Goal Setting and Tracking, Appraisal, Training Management, 360 Feedback, Variable Pay and Succession Planning modules to manage your employee performance.

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  • Recruitment

    EmpXtrack Recruitment solution is a web-based automated system for streamlining your recruitment process.
    It helps recruiters to posts jobs easily, manage resumes, shortlist candidates, conduct interviews and tests and make offers. Once offered, the candidates can on-board themselves such that your team is ready to welcome them when they come to the office on the first day.
    In a nutshell, our recruitment solution can make your recruitment and induction process much more effective and result oriented.

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  • Strategic HR

    Our Strategic HR solution allows you to build on the data created in the other modules of EmpXtrack and build deeper capabilities into analyzing your employee strengths and weaknesses and to take strategic decisions related to employee promotions and transfers, career planning, development and exit.

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  • Very flexible


    You have complete flexibility in selecting the features that you want. While we offer multiple editions for an easy choice, each edition has significant additional options that allow you to add or remove features.

  • Full coverage


    EmpXtrack is the most comprehensive Talent Management software product in the HR marketplace. We cover all the functionality that you need now and cater for your future needs also.

  • Easy to use


    It takes a few minutes to get used to EmpXtrack and each page contains helpful tips, FAQs and online help to address any questions.

  • Superb support


    Our support team contains only business analysts who are all MBAs in HR. They have strong knowledge of Talent Management and can assist you quickly.

  • Constant Updates


    We upgrade EmpXtrack often to manage compliance requirement changes, new features additions and optimizations. View release notes

  • Easy to configure


    We give you full control in setting up of the application. All sections are completely configurable.

  • Access any-time, any-where


    EmpXtrack is available as a cloud platform. You can access it on any browser at any time on any platform.

    We even provide an API to integrate with your enterprise applications.

  • Multiple languages & currencies


    EmpXtrack is a global platform being used in 21 different countries. We support multiple languages, currencies, date formats, compliance standards & reporting formats.

Nurture your next great employee. Use EmpXtrack.

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