Employee Satisfaction Survey

Measure and understand employee perceptions

In today’s challenging business climate, having a pulse on the satisfaction of your employees continuously is a key imperative. As globalization becomes the norm, and with employees being spread across multiple locations, often countries and even continents, keeping track of employee morale and satisfaction is not an easy task. As such, organizations tend to ignore this much needed process and face the consequences. Lack of insights into employee perceptions can lead to a disengaged workforce and rising attrition and cost the business heavily. Is there a way to handle this important yet undervalued process?

In EmpXtrack Employee Satisfaction Survey, organizations have the solution. Our online tool makes the job of checking employee pulse regularly that much simpler and faster. With its intuitive and easy-to-use features it is the perfect way to conduct internal surveys and get real insights into employee attitudes and opinions. Once you get a sense of perceptions and sentiment, you will be able to effectively manage your employees’ expectations and build better relationships with them.

By simplifying the survey process, our tool allows HR managers to focus on more important aspects such as increasing participation, sharing results and focusing on actions to be taken based on the results.

All this has a positive impact on organizational performance. Clearly, the leverage from this simple but powerful tool cannot be underscored for today’s businesses.


  • Provides a customizable feedback questionnaire that helps conduct a more accurate satisfaction survey
  • Ensures anonymity of employees thus encouraging forthright responses
  • Ensures regularity in eliciting employee feedback
  • Facilitates high quality interpretation of results
  • Permits customization of the algorithm to accurately compute the satisfaction index
  • Allows multilingual questionnaires, an important need for global organizations
  • Generates management reports on each parameter with drill down facilities up to the department level
  • Integrates with any email system to allow invitations and reminders to be sent easily

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