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Workforce Planning

Achieve business goals using smart workforce planning strategies

Workforce planning identifies the talent – numbers and types – you need to reach organizational goals. EmpXtrack Manpower Planning and Cost Accounting will facilitate reducing the gap between current and projected talent needs. By putting the right people to the right job on time, workforce planning can significantly mitigate the fallouts of inadequate resources on business.


  • Creates an organizational structure that matches job openings with the most appropriate employee profiles
  • Uses a ‘catch all’ system that automatically directs workflows to the nearest available managerial position
  • Improves both short and long term recruitment cycles
  • Facilitates departmental adherence to manpower budgets
  • Generates customizable templates that can be repurposed to meet requirements of several departments
  • Updates the organizational hierarchy automatically

Learn how EmpXtrack Succession Planning, Compensation Management, Manpower Planning and 360 Review modules, work together as part of the Strategic HR Solutions and Performance Management solutions, to help your organization develop a high-performance workforce.

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