Inside The Employee Appraisal Module

Manager conducts employee perforamnce appraisal on competencies

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Empxtrack Appraisal is a robust and web-based product that can quickly take your Performance Appraisal process online. It assists your employees, managers, HR and the leadership to conduct appraisals in an effective, accurate and timely manner.

It can significantly increase employee satisfaction levels by ensuring objectivity and transparency in the process and involving all stakeholders.

Managers can view employee ratings and comments, compare multiple employees and use tools such as manager notes, comment assist, employees year long performance to enter accurate and fair ratings.

Customizable Framework

Empxtrack Employee Appraisal allows you complete control over the process with options for your own competency library, integration with other modules and supports many different templates and workflows to jump start your appraisal process.

You can configure everything in the process including

  • » Content (help, attributes and ratings),
  • » Layout,
  • » Employee Selection,
  • » Approval process,
  • » Notifications,
  • » Visibility rules,
  • » Score calculations and
  • » Validations.
Configure performance appraisal system with preconfigured forms.
Employee profile/comments displayed to manager in performance appraisal

Access Historical Information

Empxtrack Employee Appraisal can display all the historical information on employees including

  • » Salary and increments history,
  • » Rewards and recognitions and discipline issues,
  • » Goal achievements,
  • » Manager notes,
  • » Training, education and qualification details,
  • » Vacation and time-off history,
  • » Skill sheets and much more.

This can assist managers in rating the employee accurately using the data of the employee.

The ready availability of past evaluations can help managers and HR identify any sudden changes in performance and take timely remedial action.

Integrate all aspects of employee lifecycle and make it available to your Managers during the employee appraisal

More Reasons to Choose Us!


Automatic Email Reminders

Set up automatic e-mail reminders to ensure employees and managers complete the performance appraisals on time.


Integrate With Employee Lifecycle

Managers have access to entire employee lifecycle to help them avoid the 90-day appraisal syndrome.


Capture Periodic

Run the appraisal cycle multiple times in the year to allow frequent employee-manager interactions and mentoring opportunities.


Use Pre-configured Templates

Includes ready-to-use appraisal templates to jump start your performance appraisal process.

performance apraisals icon

Involve Multiple Stakeholders

Empxtrack supports collaboration of multiple managers on a single employee’s review. Both top-down and matrix appraisals are supported.


Setup View and Edit

Configure full security and enable view and edit rights on each step of the review. Also store changes and sign-offs by each stakeholder.


View Analytics and Reports

Includes multiple pre-configured reports and dashboards. View appraisal status, bell-curve and even print individual appraisal forms.


Access Support

User friendly software with online help, self-training tutorials, and easy to use interface.

Our teams are available 24 x 7.

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