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Training Management

Transform your employee training performance

Although a well-trained workforce typically assures better performance, training programs are fraught with administrative hassles. EmpXtrack Training Management module supports you through the entire process from the initial inquiry right through to the capture of feedback. It helps you conduct a unique training needs assessment and identify the skills and competencies for each employee. We also ensure that managers are closely involved in the training process and create a schedule that actively meets the training gaps in your organization.


  • Helps create an employee skill set inventory by maintaining a skill sheet for each employee
  • Provides a customizable training needs assessment workflow
  • Helps the training manager create a training calendar and schedule for all employees
  • Provides a database of training programs, trainers, training locations and costs
  • Captures feedback from employees and managers
  • Offers comprehensive analytics and dashboards to monitor training effectiveness, budget allocation & other parameters
  • Interfaces with most e-learning solutions

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