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Comprehensive yet simple

Cover all people-related processes with an integrated HR software, without remembering multiple logins.

Maximum Usability

Own an easy-to-use, intuitive cloud based HR software that can be operated on a variety of devices.

Highly Configurable

Get maximum configurability, easy setup and customizable features to map end-to-end HR needs.

Data availability

Support managers in decision making by providing them ready to use content and data.

Empxtrack stands out among the next generation of continuous performance management tools. I believe Empxtrack’s modern, fluid approach to optimizing performance, engagement and coaching represents a huge opportunity for HR departments, particularly those with modest IT budgets. The fact that Empxtrack’s technology lets a customer pursue both proven best practices and best-fit processes — and do so fairly effortlessly — is why I anticipate significant growth for this company.

Steve Goldberg, HCM Industry Analyst

Empxtrack Includes 4 Products with a Wide Range of Modules Covering the Entire Employee Life Cycle

Continuous Performance Management

Develop a work culture where performance management process is rooted in agile goal management, continuous performance conversations, feedback sessions and well defined models for ongoing mentoring and career development.


Human Capital Management

Get easily configurable database, customize process-specific reports and dashboards, and reduce transaction load to free HR from administrative burden. Save time, effort and money in leave, attendance and shift management. Simplify paid time-off, travel, expense and payroll processing with automated workflows.


Make hiring and onboarding simpler than ever. With Empxtrack, automate and accelerate applicant tracking, resume parsing, shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews, hiring the most suitable candidates and effortless onboarding.

Strategic HR

Create a talent pool in your organization. Use Empxtrack strategic HR solutions to develop and retain a competitive workforce and take success of your organization to the next level.

Good for Employees, Great for Managers

Flexible Implementation
Adheres to statutory compliance
Easy & Quick Integration
Minimal Training Required
Poised to Grow with You
Instant Analytics & Reports
Excellent Customization
Round-the-Clock Support

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