6 Reasons to Invest in a Cloud-Based HRIS

Cloud-Based HRIS

HR on Cloud

A cloud-based HRIS (human resource information system), allow organizations to store employee data on a single, easily accessible, secured online location. The data can be accessed instantly, anytime, anywhere, from any device having internet connection.

With the ever changing requirements of HR and with advancements in Smart HR technology, software vendors are now offering cloud based Human Resource Information Systems that are easy to implement and map to the businesses’ existing HR processes.

This post highlights the reasons to invest in a cloud based Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

6 Reasons to Invest in Cloud-Based HRIS

Cloud-Based HRIS

Reduce Paperwork

HRIS on cloud eliminates the need for storing employee files on paper. All files and documents concerning the employees can be stored securely on cloud and made readily available to HR for compliance and reporting requirements.

This reduces HR workload significantly.

Make HR a Strategic Partner

Resolving employee queries related to attendance, paid time off, travel and expense, payroll, company policies etc. is time consuming, yet important to managers and HR department.

Empxtrack HRIS provides employee-self-services tool that enables employees to easily access information from employee portal anytime, anywhere.

Employees need not rely on their managers or HR to perform simple tasks like checking their leave balance, their attendance records, view benefits, pay slips etc. and can download policy documents, view holiday calendar and perform other tasks independently.

Accessing payroll and personal records becomes much easier for employees and this reduces their dependence on HR for their day to day queries.

With more time in hand, HR’s participation in organization’s strategic functions can increase. With deeper involvement in people related processes and gaining deeper insights into employee issues, HR can contribute towards developing business strategies and become a valuable strategic business partner.

Data availability to Remote Workers

As mentioned above, HRIS on cloud gives the benefit to access and manage data from anywhere in the world.

Employees on the move or remote employees working at different locations and time zones can access and update their files and documents easily (through a well-defined approval process). This can pertain to leave or travel requests, regularizing attendance records, checking training schedule, marking goal achievements or conducting performance discussions and self-appraisals.

Keep Employees Connected

Cloud based HRIS, like Empxtrack, provides the functionality to send automated reminders of birthdays, anniversaries, benefits enrollment and more to employees.

Through a publishing portal, HR can share news, important links, files and updates with all or any specific group of employees within the organization.

The entire workforce remains connected and engaged.

Cost Effective

HRIS on cloud not only saves time but is cost effective as well. There is no need to purchase or install any additional hardware or software with a cloud based human resource information system. There is no additional maintenance cost. The need for excessive manpower reduces significantly.

Staying within the budgets, companies can work in a cost-effective manner.

Easy Integration

Cloud based HRIS can be easily integrated with your company’s existing software systems.

Data can be imported from other systems effortlessly. Thus, if an employee record or file needs to be updated, HR can easily make the change in one system only and automatically the same would reflect in connected systems seamlessly.


Today’s workforce demands round-the-clock access to data and personal information.

A cloud-based HRIS allows employees to access their information and enables the employer to streamline and manage end-to-end HR functions.

More than 200 organizations are using Empxtrack HRIS in 20+ countries.

Empxtrack HRIS serves as an online employee database system as well as a fully operative decision analysis tool for organizations. Few benefits are

  • » A secure all-in-one database system
  • » Seamless integration with other HR tools
  • » Data accuracy and confidentiality is maintained
  • » No duplicity of data
  • » Maintains compliance requirements
  • » Data visibility and access rights can be set
  • » Intuitive reporting with customized dashboards and reports
  • » Sends automated reminders and notifications
  • » Easy to use interface with online help
  • » 24 x 7 support available
  • » Highly configurable to map to existing processes
  • » Increased employee productivity

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