hr software vendor

How to choose an HR software vendor?

Selecting a suitable HR software vendor can be a challenging and overwhelming task. While making the right choice of the HR solution, keep functionality, usability, operational effectiveness and return on investment in mind. Besides time and cost saving, ensure that you pick a software that aligns with your objectives and adds significant value to your … Read more
case study to setup variable pay system

A Leading IT Company Sets Up Unbiased Variable Pay System with Empxtrack

The case study is about a leading technology company with a global hub of more than 1 million developers. The company specializes in innovation management & technical recruitment solutions and supports its worldwide clientele to fast-track their growth. THE CHALLENGE The company had challenges in evaluating employee performance and distributing Variable Pay fairly to the … Read more
hr trends 2019

Top 6 HR Trends for 2019

In the past, HR department has focused mainly on automation of processes and integrated solutions. With the changing dynamics at workplace, the emphasis is now more on improving Employee Experience (EX) and keeping the workforce motivated and satisfied. Higher productivity, better workforce engagement and empowerment of employees with overall improved EX have taken a strong … Read more
four-remarkable- features-in-hr-software

Why Does my HR Software not Succeed?

I was at the recently concluded HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas and with 100s of HR Tech vendors, all the leading consultants and senior HR practitioners, it was quite an event. On speaking with a number of vendors and viewing product demos, I was pleasantly overwhelmed with the features and depth and breadth of … Read more
highly customized recruitment software for legal firm

Simplify Interview Scheduling and Candidate Management with a Customized Solution

The case study is about a legal firm that provides vast array of financial and advisory services to huge clientele, including MNCs, banks, government agencies and other businesses. With a diverse team consisting of 15 partners, more than 700 employees, 150 Chartered Accountants and other domain experts, the company is committed to offer excellent Accounting, … Read more
Continous Performance Management

Continuous Performance Management – The Need of the Hour

Performance Management has been unsuccessful in many organizations. Traditional annual appraisals and development programs are no longer appreciated by employees and employers alike. The reason – they aren’t employee centric, meaningful and do not give tangible results. 58% of organizations rate their performance management systems as “C Grade or below.” Statistics shows that only 14% … Read more
Attract Top Talent

How to Build Your Employer Brand and Attract the Top Talent

A company is no stronger than the people who work for it. It’s as simple as that. As a result, to make sure your business succeeds, you need to do everything you can to both attract and retain the top talent. In today’s candidate-driven market, top talent is in high demand. Employers are competing for … Read more
Configurability Matters In HR Technology Arena

Where Configurability Matters Most in the HR Technology Arena

Let’s start with the universally accepted principle that configurability, like the rest of the “abilities” relative to HCM systems — usability, scalability and inter-operability – are the hardest aspects of a product offering to dramatically improve. These platform attributes (vs. features) consequently should be front and center when evaluating prospective HR technology, because if high … Read more
continuous performance management process

Continuous Performance Management Process: Demystified

Over 90% of managers are unhappy with traditional review process and over 50% of organizations are exploring ways to revamp traditional reviews. Has the review process failed?The key challenge in a traditional review process is that feedback is provided to employees at the end of the year. This does not lead to any gains for … Read more
Positive Employee Experience

Positive Employee Experience – A New Roadmap to Retain Top Talent

2018 has seen a shift in HR’s focus area. The emphasis is on “Employee Experience” now. It is about the experience an employee gets at work. A recent study has found that 83% of HR leaders cite “employee experience” as an important factor for organizational success. By offering a valuable workplace experience that meets professional … Read more