Managing performance of workers

Organizations in the manufacturing and service sectors such as hospitality, infrastructure, security, logistics and retail have a large component of their work force below the supervisor levels. In general, work force below officer/supervisor level is referred to as workers or blue collared workforce. This article discusses issues related to performance management of workers. Special characteristics … Read more

Value systems in life

PREFACE Value Systems exist in different forms such as social values, organizational values, human values & personal values. Often these are defined in Citizen’s Charters, Code of Conduct and as Leadership Attributes. All forms of value systems are largely based on ethics, morality and virtues. Over the years, values have been corrupted by over-ambition. This … Read more

Managing Non Performers

Organizations today focus mostly on managing high performers, probably as a risk mitigation measure. After all, high-performers are considered as the drivers of business and their retention is a high priority for the organization. This blog, however, examines how to manage non-performers which may account for 10-20% of employee strength.   Who are non-performers ? … Read more

Utilizing employee performance appraisal systems optimally?

In most organizations an employee performance appraisal process runs a few times during the year. If designed appropriately, significantly more information can be captured and analyzed by organizations. This may require some modifications to the appraisal instrument such that it can be used for employee feedback, self development and studying the rating patterns of supervisors … Read more
HR Checklist

Checklist for HR Effectiveness

This survey is a self-help tool that can help you gauge the effectiveness of your HR function. The following steps need to be followed to use the tool. Select the size of your organization. Check the statements that you believe are applicable and leave the others blank. Click on the ‘Calculate HR Effectiveness’ button at … Read more
Recruitment process

I interviewed and the recruiter won’t get back to me

I recently read a great blog post by Suzanne Lucas at the URL I Interviewed and the Recruiter Won’t Get Back to Me. What Suzanne talks about is the suspense a candidate faces post an interview. In today’s job market where jobs are scarce, each person wants to hear the results and then make choices … Read more

Employee training: a management perspective

How does the management view employee training and what do they expect from it? This was a question which intrigued us; we wanted to understand how senior employees looked at the training function from a strategic perspective. This blog outlines the results of our discussions with employees in operations, management, HR & training departments. We … Read more

Carnival of HR

Its Carnival time again! The Talent Junction blog is delighted to host this edition of the carnival. Thanks to all who contributed a post. Before we begin here are some tributes: First, thanks to all of you in the HR community who continue to share your thoughts in how to improve the greatest asset for … Read more

Getting Employee Performance Evaluation Right

Most companies want to conduct employees performance evaluation on a periodic basis and their Human Resources  department is generally responsible to manage this process. I have often seen that the buy-in and participation from the Line managers is not as much as one would expect. Based on my meetings with a large number of HR … Read more
variable pay

Variable Pay: A motivation & retention tool

Over the last couple of years, it has become clear that the option of variable incentives did not work very well since most employees wanted the security of a high base pay and meeting targets was largely unpredictable. The economy is on an up-swing again and employers and employees see new opportunities for increasing incomes. … Read more