ROI on Automating and taking your Payroll Online

It is difficult to anticipate the benefits of taking your payroll online. This was a challenge faced by one of our recent customers where the HR department found it challenging to estimate the ROI derived from implementing an online Payroll software. In this post, I have analyzed time and money spent in manual Vs online … Read more

High performance companies focus on performance management

We often listen from the successful business leaders that “People are our strength”. Recently I read the book “The High Performance Entrepreneur” written by Subroto Baghchi. He is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Mindtree Consulting, one of India’s most admired software companies. Mindtree has grown from 0 to 3500 people and crossed $ 102 … Read more

Who is responsible for Attrition

HR Heads are worried about employees leaving their organizations. Not only is it costly to lose trained employees but their replacements are not easy to come by. Hence the HR strives hard to keep attrition at the minimum. Greg Weiss, an HR consultant and principal of Human Management, in extensive interviews with HR directors at … Read more

Case Study: Performance Management System for Educational Institutions

As the need for talented workforce is growing worldwide, so is the need for faculty & staff with requisite skills in the educational institutions to produce the base for generating such a work force. Businesses are continuously demanding fresh talent which can meet challenges of twenty-first century through innovative and out-of-the box thinking. Business leaders … Read more

What Web 2.0 and SaaS Software offer that Legacy ERPs do not provide?

In the last few years, Web 2.0 and SaaS have captured a significant portion of the market led by legacy ERP systems. Even large enterprises (which only showered their love on ERPs) are now accepting the value of SaaS application over legacy ERPs. A survey about SaaS conducted in August 2009 by Business Week Research … Read more

Post-recession challenges of talent management

After nearly a year, the news on recession is taking a U-turn as analysts are officially reporting that the recession is over. While it will take some time for recession to pave the way for prosperity and growth for business in general, prosperity is already on its way in certain economies such as Brazil, Russia, … Read more

Difference between the SaaS and Perpetual License Structure

HR Managers and CTOs often ask us the benefits of Empxtrack  SaaS over the perpetual licensing mechanism. Here is a comparison chart:   SAAS (Hosted) Licensing Structure Perpetual Licensing Structure Cost of Software Lower cost Can go as high as four times the SAAS license cost Payment Frequency Annually One time Annual Maintenance Cost Nil … Read more

Employee termination or firing – HR’s role is critical!

Termination or firing employees is an unpopular but mandatory process. All businesses, big or small may, at some time, fire an employee because of business compulsions. However, the recent downturn has accelerated employee terminations largely due to financial and performance problems. While the decision to fire an employee is never welcome, there are some acceptable … Read more

Web-based HRIS helps in FMLA Compliance

Introduction: This blog post mentions the benefits of using an HR Software (also called recordkeeping software) in maintaining compliance with FMLA, a law in United States about family and medical leaves. It is important for HR, CEO and CFO to know about FMLA law as employers in US have lost millions of dollars in FMLA … Read more

Importance of HR Data for a CEO

I used to believe that employee data were useful for HR departments only since it was responsible for employee development and management activities. The CFO and CEO were only interested in metrics such as cost of hire, total compensation, cost for training, etc. which were more oriented towards financial goals and treated employee functions as … Read more