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Most of us want to perform our best at our workplace and also feel that we are hundred percent effective in our work. But are we really effective at our workplace? Once in a while it is important to take a break and ponder this question. Otherwise, years pass and you stay where you are – not really happy and somewhat dissatisfied!

Effectiveness at workplace means managing your time well, communicating clearly, performing as per expectations and having a good attitude. Although, some people feel that they are always productive, the fact is that effectiveness at workplace is not constant. This is usually because productivity depends on the strengths and weaknesses of a person and the different situations that the person comes across.

For example, you may be good in your day to day tasks but when things become really hectic you may become stressed and lose your focus. The following tips can be useful for you to become more effective at your workplace.

Manage your time efficiently
It’s important to manage your time efficiently. In the absence of proper time management, you will find yourself in a frantic race against time and every phone call, project, and email will be competing for your attention.
To start with, create an activity log where you can note down all activities that you perform in a day. After that, eliminate the tasks that do not help you to meet your objectives and unnecessarily wastes your time and finally you can prioritize the tasks that are important for you.

Set goals for yourself
Goal setting is a great element to be more productive. You can use software tools to set small and achievable goals and try to achieve them within the defined time frame. Keep a track on your goals.
Sometimes people think that it is enough to perform as per their job description but that is not enough. To get ahead and stand out among your peers, you need to move a few steps ahead and do more than what your job description says. Figure out how you can add value to your work without exhausting all your time and energy. Also don’t wait for your performance appraisals to happen to check your performance.

Keep your skills updated with the latest trends
Keeping your skills updated is key to success. You will never be left behind if you keep pace with change. Technologies change very fast and therefore it is important to keep learning and developing the skills that are required in your field of work. If you lack the skills that are required for a reasonable professional of your field then you will be holding your promotions back. Learning skills related to your industry in time, keeps you relevant in your industry.

Create a personal brand
Whether you agree or not, everyone has a personal brand. People having strong personal brands get good clients, good projects and are trusted and respected by their colleagues and managers. They also become more productive in their workplaces, handle fewer challenges and spend less time justifying their decisions. In addition they are often the first ones to be considered for a promotion.

However, your personal brand cannot be built in a day. You need to make a conscious effort to build your reputation or you’ll face a situation where you keep working hard but your work remains unrecognized. The stronger your brand, the more recognition and the better you will be at your job.

Use the above tips and watch your effectiveness grow at your workplace.

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