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Gone are the days when your attendance at your workplace was mandatory. Many new age companies now offer work from home (WFH) to their employees so that they can manage both their work and their personal life effectively. A few years back, WFH meant that you are excused from coming to office on medical grounds or you are working from home due to some emergency. WFH is especially accepted in IT sector.

However WFH does not work for all kinds of businesses. It is suitable only for companies that require minimum personal interaction among teams. On the flip side, Yahoo has recently withdrawn the WFH option from its employees because the company feels that personal interaction is important for their employees. Whether WFH is a good option or bad, no company can have all its employees working from home unless the company has a very few employees. Therefore, attendance management is a very important process. It is equally important to do attendance tracking of employees.

Why is attendance management and attendance tracking important?

There is a strong correlation between attendance and performance in most type of companies. The employees who are available when their company needs them are considered more dependable and reliable. How can you depend on employees who excel in their work but are usually absent from work, or are unavailable when you need them most?

Employees’ attendance is an important performance metrics that needs to be captured by the company. However attendance tracking manually can be very challenging especially in organizations where employees may not be desk based or where employees work in shifts. While some companies use attendance tracking devices (such as bio-metric systems, GPS based systems), these typically do not provide correlations between attendance and performance.

Attendance tracking system

Attendance tracking system can greatly reduce the administrative issues related to attendance management. A good attendance tracking system not only allows you to capture an employees’ attendance but also allows employees to mark their in-out times and break times. They can be used to generate various employees attendance report to show the effective working hours of employees.

The attendance tracking systems can also be used to manage shifts. It can be used to capture shift timings, late comings, overtime of employees and regularization of attendance in case the employees cannot not mark their attendance when they are on tours or official visit to a client site. They can be successfully integrated with attendance tracking devices such as punch machines, biometric devices and swipe cards, which can only track in-out times of employees in a company.

Attendance tracking systems can also be integrated with work tracking systems (timesheets) that are used to capture and manage employee time in the company. Time tracking systems are especially useful when the employees are paid on hourly basis. The system allows you to find out the number of hours spent by an employee each day and on each project.

Empxtrack Attendance Management module not only allows you to manage attendance, in-out times, breaks, and calculate effective working hours of employees but also allows you to regularize attendance, manage leave records, and manage shifts. It is completely integrated with Leave and Attendance modules and can be successfully integrated with any attendance tracking device.

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