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Before you read about HR automation and ways to make HR operations more effective, read what Janet, the HR Manager of a mid-sized company, manages on a day-to-day basis.

Janet is an HR manager in a leading business services firm. She manages a team of 3 members that keeps her occupied with multiple tasks. Besides managing strategic and functional responsibilities for her team and looking after all the HR activities, she actively takes up employee engagement and development initiatives.

Don’t you think Janet is playing ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ and has a lot on her hands to deal with? Yes, indeed! The challenge starts right here.

Since Janet is a hands-on manager and an HR professional, she needs to keep a balance between her work and addressing employee issues. But think for a moment… Is Janet left with enough time to answer employee queries, which is another important aspect of her job role? Not really!

If you think only Janet faces this challenge, you may be wrong. Just like her, there are many HR managers and executives who deal with similar challenges.

HR professionals are often seen answering employee queries and managing employee records in spreadsheets or paper files. The time-consuming paperwork doesn’t allow them to smoothly manage HR tasks simultaneously and focus on employee engagement initiatives.

Transition from Paperwork to HR Automation – Need of the Hour!

In today’s competitive world, each business is growing at a rapid pace and so is its workforce. HR people, like Janet, need automated tools and systematic workflows to better manage employee information, leave requests, payslips, expense claims, benefit changes, training programs, and much more. Managing these tasks manually may make things disorderly and time-consuming.

53% of the 10,000-people surveyed around the globe say, that technology will transform the way they work over the next 5-10 years [PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP]. There are many organizations that are transforming their paper-based HR processes to automated workflows to save hundreds of work hours and millions of dollars.

I wish Janet’s organization could understand the value of having an automated human resource information system. She could have then managed her work more effectively, increased her productivity and focused more on employee engagement activities.

A human resource information system manages a centralized employee database and provides quick access of information to managers, employees, HR and the leadership. There is no clutter with unfilled data and users can always add more information whenever required. HRIS helps to achieve optimal output from the existing workforce and accelerate productivity. As per a report by Bersin by Deloitte, 74% of companies that are planning to replace their HRIS system are seeking to improve user-experience. A good automated HRIS solution will improve user-experience with:

  • » Automated workflows
  • » Notifications and reminders
  • » Mobile friendly
  • » Flexible reporting and dashboards
  • » Multi-level data security
  •     and a lot more exciting features.

How to Collaborate Faster with HR Tech?

While Janet spends majority of her work hours in answering employee calls and discussing details of their leave balance, personal information, salary and benefits, there are other HR professionals who use cloud-based HRIS solutions to efficiently manage comprehensive HR processes. These HR folks are already a step ahead than Janet, as an online HRIS solution allows them to easily –

  • Manage all employee information, including payroll reports, paid time off requests and balances, W2’s, pay statements and more
  • Access in-depth reporting and analysis of employee information
  • Create a reliable resource library for documents such as employee handbooks, safety guides and more.
  • Make most of benefits administration, including enrolment, status changes and updating personal information

No more file cabinets, only one online location

HRIS solution stores employee data in a single cloud based location. Just few clicks and you have data in front of you. An online HRIS solution simplifies employee record keeping by maintaining a secure database of all the essential employee information.

Stick to your own work approach

Many software vendors provide HRIS solutions that may urge users to stick to a pre-defined workflow. However, if you conduct good research, you will find configurable HRIS solutions, like Empxtrack, that easily configure workflows and approval processes as per company requirements. Empxtrack can also serve as a fully operative decision analysis tool for any organization.

Make your workforce independent and less reliable on your HR department

Employee self-service system cuts down employee queries by over 85%. Employees feel empowered as they can easily access required information using such tools anytime and anywhere. Employee self-services tool helps in eliminating clerical tasks, and supports HR to utilize their time on core HR activities.

Stay compliant and carefree

No more stressing over the compliance issues. An HRIS solution includes government forms and reports necessary to keep you compliant with current federal, state, and local legislations.

Integrate your HR tools for a better reason

Integrate paid time off, benefits, compensation in an online HRIS to cut down employee and manager queries. This would make it easier for all the stakeholders to view and access details on leave, compensation, performance, and training data through the online employee portal and make quick decisions.

Now that you know how valuable a human resource management system can be, make sure you do not wait any further to implement a reliable HRIS in your organization!

Click here to watch a video on working of an HRIS solution.

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