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HR Technology

HR Technology

HR Technology is the nerve-center of every business. Have you ever thought about what business can be accomplished in the absence of technology? Come to think of it, none. Apart from the overall business of the company, the daily transactions and operations of the employees of an organisation equally need advance HR technology to stay seamlessly connected and updated. And rest assured that is not good for business, technology or no technology.

Right from coordinating leaves to ice breakers for new employees, how can an organisation effectively use technology to break some barriers which could surely make employees a little more at ease at the workplace? Not to mention making the work of the HR department a little less difficult.

To stay up-to-date: A lot of miscommunication can happen through telephonic conversations and paper work that eternally gets misplaced. Not to mention those lengthy long distance conference calls. And far as leave application is concerned, the HR team has to constantly intervene to sort out available dates. By using online messenger services, video portals and specialized software for leave application and the like, most of these small but important issues can be tackled.

For the Managers: Managers have to conduct several review meetings. So, what happens after a review meeting? Many a times it is difficult for managers to keep track of the goals set for each employee and record progress towards that goal. Technology with auto updates and reminders will enable managers to track goals and progress better.

For the new employee: Just eating lunch with his new colleagues won’t do. Encouraging employees to build and trade official networking profiles within the organisation could surely help new employees connect better, without you really having to do anything.

Apart from all of this, using portals to keep employees on the same page as far as campaigns and events are concerned could go a long way, not to mention a wide range of software available for effective recruitment and implementation of HR strategies.

Choose the right technology and streamline multiple processes in your organisation because, remember, technology is what always stays on top.

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Tushar Bhatia
Tushar Bhatia is CEO-founder of cloud-based global HR platform Empxtrack. His key goal is to help companies streamline their HR function, reduce costs and make employees engaged & productive. He writes on various HR related issues and trends that include strategic hr, performance management, best practices for recruitment, employee engagement and retention etc. On an average his blogs are read by about 2 Million professionals annually.