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Its Carnival time again! The Talent Junction blog is delighted to host this edition of the carnival. Thanks to all who contributed a post. Before we begin here are some tributes:

First, thanks to all of you in the HR community who continue to share your thoughts in how to improve the greatest asset for organizations – their people;

Second, to hundreds of our customers who share so much with us and allow us to continuously learn and apply;

and Last to my sweet daughter, who would have turned 12 today….we miss you Sayeesha.

So let the carnival wheel start to roll now…….

Our 1st post is from Benjamin McCall. He in his ReThink HR blog questions our thoughts on innovation, that Innovation is NOT the same thing over & over again….

In the next post Mike Haberman of omegahrsolutions shares some useful material from Peter Drucker’s book regarding Four Activities For The Survival of HR: Drucker Lesson of the Day.

Erik Samdahl from i4cp Productivity blog has written an article on Strategies of Successful HR Executives, giving good tips for HR professionals in how to climb the corporate ladder and have a seat at the boardroom table.

Lisa Rosendahl in her blog Simply Lisa has discussed the different angles of HR profession in her article Your HR Career.This would be a good read for all those who are planning a career in the Human Resources department.

From The HR Patriot blog, Cody James has given us some insight on How To Fix The HR Profession? and you can even read a strong rebuttal to the article by Keith Hammonds in her blog.

Melissa Pruser in her The Devon Group blog cautions us on how strong and pervasive is social networking through her post Running with Scissors: Are Social Networks Safe

Next post is of Cathy Martin from Profitability Through Human Capital blog. She has presented 6 Reasons Why Talent Management is a Strategic Imperative for companies.

Warren Heaps on the International HR Forum comments that Everybody Hates Performance Appraisals – What to do? and suggests two themes Clarity and Simplicity to make the process effective and useful.

The HRD from My Hell is other People blog has written a nice non HR post showing his more sensitive side, This One goes out to the one I love. Here, he has talked about how his daughter taught him a thing or two about people. Most of the submissions focus on measurement, analytics, processes etc. and this is a welcome right-brained thought. Working with employees too requires empathy and understanding and we can get them to deliver so much more with these in our toolkit.

Kevin Grossman of Talent Culture blog gives advice on how to master uncertainty in our lives through his article Learn to Manage Uncertainty.

From Three Star Leadership blog, Wally Bock has made good observations on The Things the Books forgot. He observes that the Book World is different from the Real World. There are some things those business books just don’t tell you.

Next post is from Ben Eubanks. He in his UpstartHR blog has given a humorous post for us, Six Signs You Have An HR Pirate.

Drew Tarvin in his Humor That Works blog, reminds us the value of taking a break with 5 benefits of taking a vacation. You can live longer & happier, sleep better, improve productivity and even solve problems by being on a vacation. 😉

Dan McCarthy in his Great Leadership blog has put an interesting post Can Common Sense be Learned? Here he has suggested 8 steps to improve your Common Sense and leaves us with a question Can common sense be taught?

Jennifer V Miller submits the article Role Plays are Ok on her blog The People Equation. She discusses the dislike which people have for the traditional role play methodology and discusses ways to make this more effective.

A post from TheQuickBase blog by Denise O’Berry, Team and Management communication is a Two-Way street. She mentions the importance of keeping a communication channel open in a team.

Naomi in her In Full Bloom blog has given two posts on HRM Software. The Future of HRM Software: Naomi’s Preferred Behaviors and The Future of HRM Software: Effective Dating and just when my idling mind thought of this as a matchmaking software, it turns out to be the dating of records in the database 🙁

Paul Smith at Welcome To The Occupation blog has written a thoughtful post I Say Yes To The Dress, a metaphor for loving your job. Can HR provide a Kleinfield experience to its internal customers – i.e the rest of the organization? Can it motivate the company employees to provide an outstanding and memorable experience to its customers and prospects?

From LEADERSHIP SOLUTIONS, Marry Jo Asmus suggests that calling for help is the best thing to do when we are stuck with something in Stuck? Admit it and Ask For Help.

Meg Bear,  of the TalentedApps advices, Be fluid in your thinking, but concrete in your communication. It covers how to go about making your ideas more accessible so everyone can better benefit from them.

Power Corrupts, a post by Frank Mulligan from the blog Talent in China. He points out that power makes a man more ego-centric and can inhibit empathy.

Marsha Keeffer in her blog Mint Resumes suggests 5 ways to Exit When Your Boss is Abusive. Her post is about not to stay stuck in a bad situation and how to head for the exit.

The HR Store discusses if the Human Resources professionals value entrepreneurship on the post
Entrepreneurial Instincts.

At the Working Girl blog, Laura Schroeder has explored the lighter side of Human Capital Management and shared insights into Succession Planning and delegation through the eyes of a 6-year old in her post Barbie on Talent Management.

Susan M.Heathfield at Human Resources Blog has given sample interview question answers for selection of best employees for management jobs, through her post Best Management Interview Question Answers.

From the blog inflexion advisors, Mark.Stelzner has listed few basics of Hr sale in 5 Ways to Torpedo Your Next HR Sale. Just something every HR software seller was looking for?

The post from Joe Brown at the blog looks at Human Resources Maturity and the three P’s.

And the submission from our very own HR Minion Shauna Moerke at her blog can be referred to at 7 Business Lessons from The Wire

And finally the last post for today is from the Talent Junction blog by yours truly. The article talks about Getting the Performance Appraisal Right. It discusses how HR Managers can create a Performance Appraisal System that adds true value to the organization.

Well that is all we have for 28th April edition of Carnival of HR. Thanks to all the bloggers for sending in valuable posts and to the HR Minion for giving us a chance to host this carnival.

Have a great day!

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