Empxtrack Assists Magic Software in Measuring Employee Engagement and Happiness Quotient

Employee engagement and happiness quotient

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Thank you Empxtrack team for your exemplary continuous support. Empxtrack Team helped us in streamlining our key HR Processes like Onboarding, PMS, Offboarding, Recognition, etc. from scratch enabling it along with numerous customization options as per our needs which is completely commendable. Special thanks for driving our Offboarding Tool & Dashboard automation and for driving our PMS & Apprecio feed initiative along with us. We truly appreciate your efforts and dedicated support which indeed enabled us in meeting our timelines always.

Surabhi Bajaj | HR Business Partner | Magic Software

This case study is about a mid-sized software company, Magic Software, based in Delhi-NCR, India. The client needed a cloud-based solution to measure the employee engagement and happiness quotient of employees.

About Client

The client has a strength of approximately 1200 employees and it is recognized as a provider of cutting-edge software platforms for business integration and business app development.

They have collaborated closely with customers and over a thousand business partners in over 50 countries. Magic Software has established its position in the market as a global software provider, present in 24 regional offices, with millions of installations worldwide, and strategic alliances with global IT leaders, such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce.com, and SAP.

The Challenge

The client was finding it difficult to manually manage the large amount of data gathered from employee interactions. Furthermore, the HR wanted to measure the level of employee engagement and happiness quotient.

The Need

The company needed to automate the entire process of gathering information from employees. They were looking for a cloud based solution to help HR solicit employee feedback and identify their concerns. Through employee interactions, they aimed at gaining insights on employee retention and attrition.

The client needed a solution to:

  • » Measure the happiness quotient of employees through a People Health Indicator (PHI) methodology. Although a standard procedure was in place, the client wanted to automate the entire process to save time and increase transparency. Employee feedback on the work culture, organization, personal issues, career, facilities, reporting manager, and other topics needed to be collected in a systematic way.
  • » Collect data obtained in one-on-one interactions with employees at a single platform. A quick method was needed to capture employee feedback and concerns without spending much time.

The Solution

Magic Software has been an esteemed client of Empxtrack for the last 8 years. The client is already using many Empxtrack HR tools including Leave, Attendance, HRIS, Payroll, Goalsheet, Performance Appraisal, Reports, Exit, Onboarding, Company Directory, My Buddy and more. Their immense trust in Empxtrack has continued over the years and our team feels delighted to serve them.

The client team discussed their latest challenge. Soon the Empxtrack team presented a solution to map their needs. The idea was approved and the solution got implemented.

The solution was offered in two parts to meet the client’s needs.

  1. Systematic PHI data collection based on employee interactions

    Empxtrack supported the client to measure the employee engagement and happiness quotient of employees in a systematic manner. An automated solution was provided to HR to help them gather information from employees during one-on-one interactions. The data collected included feedback and employee concerns related to career, development, organization, leadership, performance, pay and recognition etc. Based on the interaction, actionable key points were noted to minimize employee concerns and improve happiness quotient. This also increased employee engagement and bonding.

    The data collected helped the client to analyze People Health Indicator in a quick glance. Additionally, it helped HR to quickly view and edit PHI for any employee at any given point.

Data collected from employee interactions and presented in a tabular format for a bird’s eye view

  1. PHI reports for quick analysis and informed decision making

    Being an expert in reporting and analytics, Empxtrack team provided a downloadable PHI report to the client. The PHI report had all the details needed for leadership and HR to measure employee engagement and happiness quotient. The report could be downloaded for all or selected employees for a month. It helped to view and analyze employee health and satisfaction level pertaining to their organization.


The client was happy with the successful and timely implementation of the solution. They soon began to use the custom feature and noticed remarkable benefits.

  • » Insights on employee engagement and happiness quotient
  • » Timely identification of employee concerns
  • » Time and effort reduced  in PHI data collection
  • » Increased HR productivity
  • » Improved employee experience
  • » Intuitive reports for quick data analysis
  • » Highly engaged and loyal teams
  • » Positive work culture

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