Case Study: Empxtrack Addresses Challenges in Normalization of Appraisal Scores for a Decision Support Analytics Company


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About the Company

This case study is about a company, that provides comprehensive, integrated solutions based on deep understanding of science, the market, and key business challenges that its clients face.

The company deploys agile, cross-functional project teams that are responsive to client needs. Their experienced team of experts use proprietary strategic frameworks to help biopharma companies in making key decisions at the Disease, Asset, and Portfolio levels.

Problem Statement and The Need

The company faced a key challenge in performance appraisal. During reviews, there was a significant difference in the ways managers evaluated and scored employees. This variance was because individual rating styles of Managers differed, and their interpretation of the performance criteria was also vastly dissimilar. This resulted in inequitable evaluation in some cases and threw up non-homogenized, and therefore unreliable performance scores.

While most employees were working at par, variation in appraisal scores affected their performance-based promotions and incentives.

The client needed a well-designed measurement system that would help normalize appraisal scores and evaluate employee performance equitably. Additional to this was the requirement of ease of use of the Performance Management System.


The company surveyed many products, and invested in Empxtrack Performance Appraisal software as it offered maximum customization which could address both – the requirements and the challenges.

It took only a few days for the Empxtrack team to make the key requirements live. New forms were developed to address the variance in the evaluation style of the appraisers. HR could then track these variations to eliminate manager bias and view level wise and team scores both the Total and per criteria scores. This could be then normalized across the organization. Once the normalization exercises was complete the final scores could be uploaded into the system for a final discussion between employees and managers.

In addition, HR could easily compare employees’ performance scores (as also the historical data) on a single screen.

This ensured fair grading practice and helped to make the Performance Management System equitable and homogeneous.


Empxtrack supported a well-structured appraisal process that:

» identified and examined the performance scores given by the Managers (Appraisers) and ensure unbiased relative ranking.

» eliminated any scope for manager bias during performance reviews.

» provided a common screen/dashboard for comparing performance scores of all employees.

» ensured transparency and objectivity in the review process.

» engaged and motivated top performers by evaluating their performance fairly.

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Disclaimer: Maintaining security of our client data is our prime responsibility. The name of the company is not disclosed in the case study due to confidentiality agreement signed with our client.

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