Success Story: Empxtrack Improves Performance Appraisal for IT Companies

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We knew we were growing quickly as a team. Hence, we wanted to have an online, scalable and configurable performance appraisal software that would meet our constantly evolving needs. Empxtrack has made it possible for us. Comprehensive reports and analytics to follow up on the appraisal process come across as the best feature. The tool provides accuracy to appraisal decisions. Managers are in a happier space as they can easily identify top performers in their team. We are glad to choose Empxtrack and look forward to continuing our association.”

Tharasree Amarnath, Delivery Manager, Saksoft

This case study shows how simple it is to take paper-based performance assessment online. You can simplify evaluations and make them more meaningful for employees by using appraisal plans and workflows.


Saksoft is an Information Management and Business Intelligence company. The company manages more than 1000 employees across multiple countries, including India, US, UK, and Singapore.

This case study highlights problems that the company was facing during performance appraisals. It further shows how Empxtrack helped in overcoming these issues. The company had manual, paper-based performance appraisal methods that led to many problems.

Problem Area

At Saksoft, the employees and managers were dissatisfied with the time consuming and ineffective performance reviews. Being a rapidly growing organization, Saksoft faced issues with the manual performance appraisal method. When performance of large employee groups needed to be evaluated, this method did not work well.

As a result, productivity gaps occurred due to unclear work expectations and irregular feedback provided to employees.

In addition, the HR and other stakeholders faced difficulty in managing spreadsheets and numerous emails related to the process. Inconsistent and untimely appraisals became the major problem for the company. On the whole, employees and managers lost interest in the performance appraisal process.

On the other hand, the newly hired managers were facing difficulty in evaluating their team members. There was no historical appraisal data. That became another concern. Their performance appraisal method was unorganised and unproductive due to these issues.

The company needed a web based, easy to use, customizable performance review software to increase effectiveness of the evaluation process.

Solution – Online Performance Appraisal in IT Company

Saksoft needed a highly configurable, online appraisal software that could automate their entire performance evaluation process. Manual performance reviews were not meeting the expectations of their employees and managers. The client wanted to set up the best HR practices. They wanted an affordable, reliable HR software that could carry out performance appraisal for IT companies.

The client looked at a lot of choices. They then shortlisted a few HR tools that could be used by both small as well as large companies.

Empxtrack was one of the shortlisted HR products. As it managed performance appraisal for software companies. The software had excellent features and met the client’s needs perfectly. Hence, the company decided to use cloud-based Empxtrack Performance Appraisal software.

Saksoft knew that Empxtrack was the best match for their company requirements after just a few discussions with the Empxtrack team and a product demonstration. Soon, Empxtrack was implemented for the client and the entire process from product implementation to data upload went smoothly. Employees did not require any training as the performance review system was extremely simple to use.

Benefits of Empxtrack Cloud based Performance Appraisal System

Empxtrack team could successfully automate the performance appraisal process for Saksoft. With Empxtrack, employees and managers could save a lot of time in completing the appraisal process. They could now fill out multiple forms quickly with ratings and comments.

The software made it easy for employees, managers and HR to actively participate in the process and make it more meaningful. In fact, the client got an option to create multiple performance appraisal plans for different employee groups. Additionally, the software also included predefined form templates. HR could easily set up appraisal plans with these ready-to-use templates.

Since then, Saksoft has been successfully using Empxtrack. The client now has an online, formal performance appraisal system. It helps managers to continuously track employee performance, monitor goal achievements, provide feedback and mentor employees whenever needed.

In addition, the software provided multiple performance reports to examine yearly performance achievements of employees.

Empxtrack also provided historical appraisal data. This helped new managers to get an idea about variations in an employee’s performance and make informed decisions.

The automation of the performance appraisal process reduced administrative burden from HR. In fact, the most intuitive and user friendly employee appraisal software made all in the review process feel happier. Their appraisal process is now more accurate, transparent and meaningful as a result.

Impact of Automation of Performance Appraisal Process

The client was satisfied with the implementation of Empxtrack performance appraisal in their company. In fact, they also agreed that the software had a high usability due to its simple features.

Furthermore, the company successfully moved from paper-based to automated reviews in a short period of time.

Empxtrack performance appraisal software successfully:

  • Established an online, fair and transparent performance appraisal system.
  • Identified top performers and high potential employees.
  • Gave multiple appraisal plans and custom workflows to meet evolving needs.
  • Provided comprehensive reports and dashboards to gain performance data.
  • Saved significant time for employees and managers on filling appraisals.
  • Increased employee engagement and improved employee productivity.

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