Case Study: Empxtrack Performance Management Software aligns employees for a Not-For-Profit

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“We never knew Performance Management can be so simpler, faster and well-streamlined. Thanks to the Empxtrack team for exceptional understanding, support and quick implementation.”

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This case is about a not-for-profit organization in the US with 110 employees. It describes the challenges that the organization faced and the solution to make the performance management process accurate and more useful to the management.


The leadership believed that their organization’s customers were not being served effectively and while most employees were working hard, there were gaps in delivery.

The organization had only one HR manager to manage all the employee related activities. The budgets were severely restricted being a not-for-profit.

The leadership wanted to share a common set of goals for all employees – that would help meet their customer requirements? And once done, measure it periodically.

There were a number of products evaluations but they were either prohibitively expensive or did not offer the full feature set.


Based on Empxtrack demos and discussions the company decided to implement Empxtrack Performance Management software. The key requirements was to go live within 2 weeks.

Our team first helped identify and setup 5 key goals that mapped to the organizations vision. The goal setting process was initiated next and each employee had a goal sheet with these goals pre-initialized in their goal sheet. The employees and their supervisors could add additional goals to map to the employee job role.

Next, a core competency set was identified and a quarterly appraisal process was implemented that contained an employee self-review followed by the manager review and discussion.


Employees could view what was expected of them and could track their progress on a weekly basis. The system automatically reminded them to capture achievements.

The supervisors could view their team achievements and mentor employees when they were falling short. The performance appraisal process was so much more meaningful and feedback more focused.

The leadership could align employees to a common set of goals, set clear expectations, track progress in real time and take remedial action.

The HR manager had never had such a smooth and productive process in the 6 years since she had joined. Everyone congratulated and thanked her.

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Disclaimer: Maintaining security of our client data is our prime responsibility. The name of the company is not disclosed in the case study due to confidentiality agreement signed with our client.

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