A Leading Tech Service Provider Achieved Data Accuracy with Empxtrack Time Keeping Software


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Empxtrack has seamlessly streamlined our time tracking processes, making it incredibly easy and user-friendly for our employees to log their hours accurately.

The reports and analytics provide real-time insights into employee hours, project timelines, and resource allocation.

Empxtrack offered customizations that aligned perfectly with our business requirements. With the implementation of Empxtrack, our teams have got visibility in project progress and ensured accurate client billing.

Their exceptional customer support has reinforced our confidence in Empxtrack as a reliable partner for managing our time tracking needs.

Narayanan Subramanian | AVP – Human Resources | Saksoft

This case study is about a leading technology service provider looking for a time keeping software to manage employee time effectively. 

The company required a customized solution to oversee project progress, allocate resources efficiently, monitor employee productivity, and ensure accurate time records for each project. 

By implementing Empxtrack cloud-based time tracking software, the tech service provider aimed to capture accurate employee time records and minimize discrepancies in their client billing.  


Saksoft is a leading digital transformation company that specializes in providing innovative IT solutions and services to enterprises worldwide. The company has been in business for the last 25 years with an employee base of 2000+ across various countries like the USA, UK, Europe, India and Singapore with offices in 16 locations.

Known for its commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that enhance operational efficiency and agility, Saksoft serves clients across various industries including banking and financial services, healthcare, retail, and telecommunications.


The client faced significant challenges in managing employee time effectively. Their existing in-house software did not meet their requirements and led to inaccuracies in data. 

They were looking for a solution that ensured all employees fill and submit timesheets accurately and in a timely manner. The inconsistency in timesheet submission raised concerns about project timelines, resource allocation, and accurate client billing.

In addition to this, the client required a customized user interface that was unique for their UK and Indian users.


Saksoft was already using multiple Empxtrack products including HRIS, Leave, Attendance,Travel and Expense, Exit management, Payroll, Promotion, Onboarding, Recruitment, Training, Appraisal, and Surveys. They trusted Empxtrack to automate and simplify their complex HR processes. 

In the past, Empxtrack team had made multiple customizations to meet their specific needs. Hence, they reached out to us with these primary concerns:  

Challenge #1 – Data Capturing and Data Compilation

The employees were not filling timesheets consistently. As a result, time spent on each project was not captured accurately. Employee negligence led to incomplete data, hindering accurate tracking of work hours, project progress, and resource allocation. 

Additionally, the absence of timely and comprehensive timesheet submissions posed a threat to the company’s operational efficiency and financial accountability.

Challenge #2 – Ensuring Accuracy of Data 

Another critical concern was ensuring the accuracy of timesheet data. Analyzing the data of 2000+ employees was a big challenge. Inaccurate timesheet data led to financial discrepancies, compromised project timelines, and unhappy customers. 

Saksoft was using in-house software which did not meet their requirements and could not be adapted to their evolving needs. Hence they were searching for a reliable system to meet their needs. 


Empxtrack provided a customized time management system to address Saksoft’s challenges related to employee time tracking and monitoring. Here’s a detailed explanation of how Empxtrack addressed the client’s specific needs and brought substantial benefits to the organization.

Automated Notifications and Reminders: Automated notifications and reminders were implemented in the system, to ensure regular and timely submission of employee timesheets. These notifications were designed to be proactive, gently pushing employees to fill out their timesheets on time. 

Implementation of Empxtrack time management software significantly reduced the incidence of incomplete or late timesheet submissions. This improved data accuracy, increased accountability in employees, and enhanced overall efficiency in tracking employee hours and project timelines.

Customized Interface for different Geographies: Recognizing the client’s global operations with teams in India and the UK, Empxtrack customized the application with different interfaces tailored to each country’s specific requirements and policies.

This customization ensured that employees in different geographical locations could adhere to the local timesheet requirements. 

By providing a user-friendly interface that aligned with local needs, Empxtrack facilitated smoother adoption and compliance across diverse teams. This improved operational consistency and regulatory adherence.

The time entry not only captured the time spent on a customer and project but also allowed employees to project the time plan for the remainder of the week.


Figure: User interface to add timesheet entries for UK employees


Figure: User interface to add timesheet entries for Indian employees

Custom Approval Workflows: The approval workflows were tailored to the client’s organizational structure and hierarchy. These workflows were configured to route timesheets and approvals to appropriate stakeholders based on predefined rules and roles within the organization.

Empxtrack timesheet software streamlined the approval process, thus increasing transparency and accountability among managers and supervisors. This not only accelerated the approval process, but also minimized delays and bottlenecks in project progress and resource allocation decisions.

Customizable Reports for Data Audit: Multiple customized reports were created for auditing timesheet data. These reports allowed administrators and auditors to conduct thorough reviews of time records, ensuring accuracy and reliability in client billing and financial reporting.

With detailed insights into employee hours, project costs, and resource utilization, Empxtrack time keeping software enabled the client to identify discrepancies and take corrective actions promptly. This capability enhanced trust and transparency in financial transactions, improving client relationships and operational credibility.


Empxtrack’s tailored time tracking software not only addressed the client’s immediate challenges related to employee time tracking but also optimized their approach to manage their global workforce effectively. The solution enabled the client to achieve greater efficiency, compliance, and accountability across their organization. 


The client appreciated and expressed their satisfaction with Empxtrack. The solution fulfilled their requirements and brought numerous benefits:

  • » Simplified data collection and compilation
  • » Complete visibility of project status and employee time spent on each project
  • » Increased accountability among employees
  • » Accurate client billing and payroll processing 
  • » Reduced overtime and overstaffing, led to substantial cost savings
  • » Enhanced productivity and overall operational efficiency
  • » Compliance with labor laws and regulations 
  • » Informed decision making and budget allocations through detailed analytics and reports
  • » Enhanced employee satisfaction and engagement 
  • » Increased customer satisfaction

Disclaimer: Maintaining the security of our client data is our prime responsibility. The images shown in this case study regarding the time keeping software, contain dummy data. 

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