Consultants accept that Software is 20 percent of Talent Management


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Blogger, Andrew Gebavi, a principal consultant focusing on Talent Management in his recept post ” Software is only 20 percent of Talent Management Success”, listed 5 important factors that play an important role in Talent Management Process. His list prioritized Courageous Leadership as No.1 factor in the talent management, followed by Organization Strategy, Business Process Work, and Change Management (Deployment Excellence).

He continues, ” Courageous Leadership, whether it is an executive with vision who is not afraid of “rocking the boat,” a middle manager that champions a project, or an influential front line member of the implementation team, it often takes courage to execute these projects. Courage to combat the inertia that exists in many organizations, courage to evangelize change and progress, courage to influence, cajole, and shepherd reluctant stakeholders. Governance goes hand in hand with leadership. It’s important to have well-defined decision processes in place during the strategy and implementation phases of your project. Without one or more courageous individuals driving these initiatives, they have limited hope of success.”

His statement that deployment excellence plays an important role in Talent Management probably includes the deployment of an information system that helps courageous leaders to identify, develop & utilize talent for the success of their missions. That is how a talent management suite becomes as important as courageous leadership. If one goes by this logic, choosing the right Talent Management Suite is as vital as choosing the right leader for your organization.

But if the leadership likes to relax just after installing the talent management software, they need to be alerted. Software is a tool for governance which cannot guarantee success similar to top of the line sports accessories which do not necessarily make the players win a sports event. Talent Management Software is an excellent technology tool used by the leadership in an organization to improve HR effectiveness. Without such tools (which carry only 20 % weightage as per the consultants), it may be hard to achieve ROI on the balance of 80 % Talent Management initiatives.

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