Difference between the SaaS and Perpetual License Structure


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HR Managers and CTOs often ask us the benefits of Empxtrack  SaaS over the perpetual licensing mechanism.

Here is a comparison chart:

 SAAS (Hosted) Licensing Structure Perpetual Licensing Structure
Cost of SoftwareLower costCan go as high as four times the SAAS license cost
Payment FrequencyAnnuallyOne time
Annual Maintenance CostNilTo be incurred by the client (can vary between 30% -50% of the cost of the software)
Hardware CostsNilTo be incurred by the client
Implementation Cost NilTo be incurred by the client (Can be 15% upwards of the total cost of the software)
Data Back Up Data backup managed by usTo be managed by the client
Personnel Cost & requirement We would maintain it for you.To be managed by the client
Security Our responsibilityClient has to manage data security, access etc.
Upgrades Upgrades to servers, software, databases, application managed by us and provided automaticallyClient has to manage all upgrades
Infrastructure We manage the servers, networks, provide scalability and access, performance tuning and application managementClient has to manage the infrastructure, servers, networks, performance tuning etc.
Access Clients can access the application on-demand from anywhere. Note this can be managed based on specific needs.Typically access is limited to client intranet.

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