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There is a need now more than ever to perceive employee engagement levels with a whole new perspective as it seems to have hit an all new low world wide. Global trends show that employees work, but don’t seem to be too bother of the results of their work due to lack of engagement. It’s not just about the money any more – what good will only money bring if an employee does not truly feel good about working in an organization?

So what happens if employee engagement is low? What are its repercussions? As far as repercussions go, an ‘unhappy’ workforce, a not so favorable work environment – the largest being financial implications because the employees are working just for the sake of working. Take the most recent study by Hewitt and Associates which shows a significant decline in revenues in a disengaged workforce as compared to a more productive workforce.

Another big question is what could truly be the reason behind low engagement despite immense efforts from the HR fraternity to keep employees ‘happy’? Many a times in medium and small organizations HR is forced to spend a lot of time on day-to-day laborious processes of attendance, appraisal, leave allotment, payroll etc, due to the lack of a good HRIS module. Could this be the reason why HR cannot truly focus on effective employee engagement? This is where Empxtrack can help – we care for you so that you can care for your employees. Our wide range of solutions takes care of all your data information needs so that your organization can focus more on its most price possession – its workforce. With a wide range of EmpXtrack solutions in place, there is more time at hand to address the employee engagement scenario – if it is not yet resolved that is.

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