Latest HR Buzz: Employee Engagement Trends for 2018

Latest HR Buzz - Employee Engagement Trends For 2018

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Do you believe that engaged employees make a highly productive, growing and profitable workforce? Most of you reading this post would agree with this thought.

An engaged employee feels enthusiastic, committed and completely involved in work and at the workplace. Engaged employees are loyal towards their organization, and perform well to achieve larger individual and organizational goals.

Through a number of surveys and reports, it has been found that not all employees in an organization remain engaged. A Gallup report suggests that 70% of U.S. employees are not engaged, and there are always high chances that such employees may quit their current job when a better opportunity comes.

There are a lot of factors involved in keeping workforce satisfied, productive and engaged. A Deloitte report revealed that 78% of today’s business leaders rate employee engagement as one of the top concerns.

Employee Engagement – Not Just a Buzzword, But a Real Need!

If survey and reports are to be believed, engagement levels have subsequently dropped in the past few years. In fact, employee engagement has a strong connection with an employee’s happiness and satisfaction.

Employee Engagement Levels Gobally

The factors that make a great influences and positive impact are work environment, team relationships, development opportunities, organizational culture and freedom to work.

This makes sense, because organizations that have low levels of employee engagement are often seen having disgruntled employees who aren’t satisfied with their work culture and peer relationships. Thus, work culture matters a lot.

How Cultural Factors Affect Employee Happiness

Figure: Factors affecting employee happiness {Source}

Focus on Top 9 Factors to Increase Employee Engagement in 2018

  1. Happy and positive work relationships
  2. Nature of work
  3. Transparency and objectivity in HR processes
  4. Constant learning opportunities
  5. Excellent perks and benefits
  6. Availability of resources to complete tasks
  7. Technology as an enabler
  8. Appreciation and professional growth
  9. Freedom and accountability towards the job

Compensation, employee benefits are other important factors, yet they take a backseat when a company’s culture is not positive.

There’s a need to invest time, money and efforts in improving work culture that help organizations maintain high levels of engagement among the workforce.

In 2018, employee engagement will be one of the top priorities for business and HR leaders around the world. The best way is to identify the main reasons that decrease engagement among workforce. Look at the infographic to understand further.

Key Factor Impacting Employee Engagement


Companies with Engaged Employees outperform those without by up to 202%.

Are you ready to take up the challenge to motivate your workforce and outperform by a great margin?

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  1. Dear Tushar.. As i am reading the Key factors affecting employee engagement. One thing that i can say from my years of consulting that .. top management / owners perspective about ‘running their organization’ … and in that i mean, the decisions, both time and impact, taken by the ‘top management ‘ with regard to serious HR policies of the organization. I recently was stumped to see a ‘an organization that works on helping other organizations a great place to work ‘ did not even know about serious defaults in servicing basic needs of employees salary. And further to say that interventions (read activities) towards this great place will happen between lunch breaks and after office hours ‘as it is supposed to only benefit employees’

    I thought i will just share my experience. Thanks

    • Thanks KV Ganpathy. Sad to hear about your experience. I believe we should continue to do good and not bother too much about what others say or do.


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