Best Practices for an Effortless Employee On-boarding Process

Employee Onboarding Process For Startups


35 percent of companies spend 0 dollars on employee onboarding program. The idea of spending thousands of dollars to hire an employee and no investments on making them productive is surely detrimental, and certainly not a great move to make your business successful. Right?

Employers need new hires who can connect with their team, participate in the work culture and be a part of your company’s mission, instead of looking for another job within three months of their hiring.

Ineffective and time consuming employee onboarding program results in a lower engagement of new hires. 40% employees feel their engagement would improve if they had a better onboarding experience.

Organizations need to engage new hires as engaged employees are more committed, productive and passionate towards their job.

Before you go through some effective ways to improve employee onboarding process, look at this image to understand where your onboarding program may go wrong.

Traditional Employee Onboarding VS Online Employee Onboarding

A manual employee onboarding process commonly highlights two big challenges.

Inefficient Onboarding Experience: John experienced an inefficient, slow and manual onboarding. Making first impression positive by giving your new hires a good onboarding experience can be beneficial to the organization. New employees who attend a well-structured onboarding orientation program are 69 percent more likely to remain at a company up to three years.

Endless Paperwork: The last thing that recruiters and hiring managers would want to do when recruiting and hiring new employees is endless paperwork.

Solutions to help you avoid these employee onboarding challenges.

Automate Your Paperwork

The advanced HR technologies have made it easier to eliminate excessive paperwork while onboarding new hires. The processes can now be taken online to save resources and time. Online onboarding process has made documentation of new hires faster than ever without any data errors.

Coupled with applicant tracking systems, the on-boarding programs automatically capture initial employee data and prevent a lot of data re-entry as well.

Create a Company’s Wikipedia

Providing online employee handbook to your new hires enables them to access all the necessary information about the organization, including company policies, regulations and procedures. This can help share your company’s mission, vision and values.

New hires feel more engaged if they are well connected with the company’s work culture and its organizational objectives.

Establish a Buddy System & Make Best Use of It

An online employee portal provides access to company directory and buddy system where a new hire can get in touch with other employees who share their interests.

The company directory gives basic information about each employee, including their email id, department, immediate reporting manager and more. These features of an automated employee portal makes it easier for employees to be familiar with their colleagues.

Encourage New Hires for Self-Guided Orientation Process

Some of the important tasks to be done by the new hire include filling company forms, introductory meetings, reading company policies and regulations, and more.

An automated employee onboarding software, like Empxtrack, can easily take care of the pre-induction steps and orientation process. New joinees don’t feel alienated and have clarity on what to do and how to do it.

A final say…

Competition for top talent is heating up with each passing day. Businesses are trying hard to find, recruit and hire highly skilled employees, who can be their next top performer.

A well-structured employee onboarding tool facilitates employee transition to his workplace. Revamp your employee onboarding process such that the new hires give higher levels of productivity from day one and remain engaged for the longer term!

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  1. Your infographic is really awesome. It simply stated everything that you were saying. The points you have highlighted are so true. We have recently started using onboarding software and I have yet to see the changes in team. Will be using your tips for sure. Thank you.


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