Employee Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire: A Complete Guide

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Is your organization a happier workplace? Do you think so?

Aren’t sure?

Then stop guessing…

Conduct employee satisfaction survey to ask employees if they are satisfied with the workplace or not! An employee’s satisfaction is not a matter of happy days at work, it is ‘much more’ than that.

To evaluate employee’s satisfaction levels, it is necessary to see how committed and engaged they are.

Are they getting right work culture, environment, company perks, praise and feedback that they truly deserve? If yes, it definitely adds ‘much more’ to their satisfaction.

The happier and satisfied employees perform better and excel in everything they do. These employees influence others with positive attitude and it helps in employee engagement & retention.

Maintaining ideal work environment demands highly engaged workforce. The employee satisfaction surveys help in measuring, evaluating and analyzing concerns that improve productivity and engagement. Also, these polls make it easy to focus on business areas that reduce employee morale and make the survival difficult.

The HR experts at Empxtrack truly believe “Change is the only constant”. With the changing times, it is essential to adopt organizational changes to maintain a perfect balance in the HR ecosystem. Taking employee surveys seriously, analyzing them and making action plans for the survey results are the initial steps towards employee engagement. The surveys provide valuable employee feedback to the management & HR so that they can work actively to bring change. The employee satisfaction surveys are mainly focused on:

  • » Employee satisfaction with their job role and responsibilities
  • » Perception of compensation, company perks and other benefits
  • » Understanding for company policies and rules
  • » Acceptance for employee relationships, with coworkers & supervisors
  • » View for future growth opportunities & career development
  • » Employee recognition and praise

The surveys help management to understand all these employee concerns and make action plans to retain talented people.

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Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions

Here is a list of surveys questions that you can start use any day to measure employee satisfaction at your workplace. Add these survey question examples in your next employee feedback form with multiple choice answers. You can give 5 choices to answer each question, including Strongly Disagree, Somewhat Disagree, Neither Agree Nor Disagree, Somewhat Agree and Strongly Agree. Let’s begin.

  1. Are you satisfied with your job responsibilities?
  2. Do you feel encouraged to share new ideas with team members and manager?
  3. Do your have enough resources to accomplish your job responsibilities?
  4. Are your work goals clearly defined?
  5. Are you given a suitable role to make right use of your skills and expertise?
  6. Is your supervisor committed to quality and good results?
  7. Are you satisfied with the information shared by the management on what is going in your department?
  8. Is your supervisor active in involving you in the team decisions?
  9. Do you see your personal and professional growth in the organization?
  10. Do you receive praise and recognition from the management for your extraordinary efforts?
  11. Are your coworkers (or team members) helpful?
  12. Are you overloaded with the team goals?
  13. Do you think your individual work goals are too high?

You can also enlist few open-ended survey questions to allow employees to speak their heart. Here are the examples:

  1. What will you suggest to bring improvement in the organization?
  2. Enlist 3 things about the organization that bother you the most. Why?
  3. Is there anything on your mind that would help us improve company’s performance?
  4. Would you like to share any other issue(s) that has (or have) not been covered in this survey?

Be Ready to Act on the Survey Results

Most of the employers conduct employee satisfaction surveys once in a year, they take too long to process and analyze the results. By the time everything is done, the employees lose interest in the activity because action plans are not implemented in the right ways. What happens wrong is – it leaves bad impression on the employees.

Therefore, it is advised to stay prepared to take up the action plans when the employee satisfaction surveys are completed.

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