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Performance Management

If organizations increase investment in workplace practices which are related to employee engagement by just 10%, they would increase profits by $2,400 per employee” as stated by Accenture.

The workplaces are changing… And today, the way people perform business functions is evolving rapidly. Introduction of online HR tools has given a new life to multiple workplace practices – employee engagement being one of the most significantly impacted.

Strong employee-manager relation is one of the keys to successful engagement initiatives. Healthy employee-manager relations are required for high performance and employee satisfaction. Thus, many organizations implement ways to improve employee relations.

Good employee relations can be established between Managers and Employees by having open communication and transparent people-related processes.

Before you proceed further, take a moment to think of following questions –

Can you instantly access most important information about your employees?

Do you have cordial relations with your employees? Are you sure none of them is ‘overworked’?

Are you able to delegate work within your team efficiently?

Can you identify your top performers?

Are you able to frequently engage your employees?

Can you track employee behavior and recommend rewards for good performers?

Do you have online HR tools to manage your team?

Focus on Employee-Manager Relations

To improve employee relations and build highly engaged teams, managers can use advanced HR tools that allow them to access real-time data and make well-informed decisions. Every manager must take care of following points to strengthen employee relations:

  1. Employees expect fair treatment by their managers. Therefore, managers must treat all employees without favoritism and unbiased behavior.
  2. Give challenging tasks to your team members to keep them interested in whatever they do. Employees feel valued when they are given more responsibilities and challenging tasks.
  3. Give employees the opportunities to improve their skills. Encourage them to participate in the training programs.
  4. Keep your team members informed about all updates to company policies and procedures. Informed employees remain motivated and engaged.
  5. Provide continual feedback to the team members to keep them aware of your expectations.
  6. Appreciate employee efforts and reward them for adding value to the business. Never miss a chance to boost their morale.

Presence of HR technology enables managers to effectively empower employees. With cloud-based HR tools, it becomes easy for managers to track and evaluate employee performance, provide feedback, train employees and identify top performers.

How Online HR Tools Improve Employee-Manager Relations?



Assigning measurable and attainable goals to employees is an effective way to manage team performance. Well-defined individual and team goals provide clear objectives to each employee. It also helps in task prioritization.

A manager needs to ensure alignment of employee goals to the organizations objectives and strategy. Without this, employee goals would be meaningless.

To ensure effectiveness and objectivity, manager needs to set specific, measurable, achievable and time-bound goals (SMART goals).


Today, employees and employers are equally demanding. Employers need business results whereas employees need tools that can enhance their efficiency. Online HR tools allow managers to fulfill business demands as well as meet employee expectations. Cloud-based human resource information system maintains employment records of all employees.

  1. Employer needs: An online HRIS system enables employer to collect metrics surrounding the performance management, compensation, various employee transactions etc.
  2. Employee needs: HRIS gives instant access to employee information, thereby saving time. Frequent emails and HR meetings can be avoided. Saved time can be spent in core operations to improve overall individual performance.


Evaluating employee performance using the correct set of attributes (competencies and skills) is necessary. It is really important for managers to maintain transparency & objectivity in employee performance management process.

Keeping employees informed at each step of their performance evaluation is a right way to maintain transparency. Having automated performance monitoring and tracking tools enable employees to accept the way their performance is evaluated.


Employee appraisals are the best opportunities when managers get a chance to share the strengths and weaknesses of their team members. A performance appraisal system can be helpful for management to get a clear view of year-round performance report.

Using these reports, managers can understand the variations in employee performance and provide meaningful feedback to their team members. Regular feedback sessions and open communications definitely support improved employee-manager relations. This results in high engagement amongst workforce.

Final thought…

I believe ‘An engaged and satisfied workforce is a high performing workforce’. Thus, employers need to focus on goal setting, employee feedback, performance management and employee training opportunities. No qualm, these are the most important elements that develop a highly engaged workforce.

Today, the presence of advanced human resource management system has completely changed the way HR and managerial services are delivered and managed. When HRM tools are used effectively, they transform business operations and employee relations for good.

Strong employee-manager relations give pleasant work culture to your organization. It improves:

  • » Individual and team performance
  • » Transparency in work culture
  • » Employee engagement
  • » Employee loyalty

That’s all that matter!

If you want to give your managers an efficient workflow to track and manage team members conveniently, try Empxtrack online HR tools that focus on tracking employee excellence! Good luck.

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