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Most HR top shots receives many proposal every week to implement a new HR Management software or performance management software or e-appraisal software or rather replace the current software. However, choosing the right software has always been a challenge for HR guys. The following are some innovative view on this topic.

The Trap of Software Salesman

The presentation of each software vendor looks very appealing and it is filled with many mind-boggling HR word and technology jargons. Combined with the appealing presentation, the magical personality of a good salesman has the power to overwhelm the viewers to believe that his product is best choice. Most HR software vendors hire talented people.

The salesmen know that the HR Professionals are not so strong at the software front, they serve only the best bites from the software – the best screen shots and the best features.

The first major action that any HR Head should take is to wash off the overwhelming effect of the Salesman. The next step is to poke your nose deep into the software and the vendor company.

How to Poke your nose in a Human Resource Management Software

HR Software should be basically assessed on 5-6 aspects

User Friendly Interface

Whatever technology a software uses, it has no utility unless it has a user friendly interface – an interface that matches the popular softwares, websites and applications. The biggest benefit of a user-friendly interface is that it will require minimum to no effort to train the users.

Training Documents and Support

The next difference that a software can make is by the documentation and self-help support. The complex natures of the HR work-flows, data entry patters and reports, can confuse the users or even the administrators. Every time asking support from vendor is not only time consuming but costly. Available documents and self help can be of tremendous help in this instance.

Integration and Scalability of HR Processes/Modules

HR process and practices are ever evolving and there is no end to innovation in HR practices. The need of HR processes increases and decreases with the company size and demand from the employees. A good HR software must be able to integrate HR processes

Software Technology Used

The current century has seen more development in software ad hardware technologies than in any other field of human knowledge. Technology is all set to change the way people live and the ways business operates. The most important evolution in the HR domain is use of software as a service.

Cost effectiveness of HRMS software

This is a quite big and important topic. It will be covered it in another article.


Choosing a right HR Management Software effect the performance of your business and employees. So take this decision prudently.

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