How to Boost Employee Engagement during Festivity?

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Festivals (viz. Diwali, Christmas, etc.) have entered the corridors of Corporate World and many HR professionals must be busy in a brainstorming session with senior management. They must be trying hard to figure out how to boost employee engagement during festivities. The festive season is indeed a very difficult situation for those companies which are service providers and promises 24×7 support to their clients. Experts suggest that those HR managers who utilize HRIS software and HR analytics innovatively can use the festive season as an opportunity.

How to engage employee during festivity?

HR analytics experts suggest that in the majority of cases, employee engagement during festivity is not a big deal. To deal with this situation, HR should read employees’ leave trend stats. With this, they can easily forecast times when a majority of employees may apply for leave. To keep the employees engaged during those days, companies may offer additional perks such as allowances, additional salary, compensatory leave or free food. HR analytics may be used to identify the most preferred perks – and these may evolve over time. Check out the findings of Workforce Mood Tracker survey which reveals that 86% employees feel motivated after such a RECOGNITION.

Q: Would you work harder if the number of recognitions given or received was ranked in a leaderboard type format?


Recognition in leaderboard format

Q: Does getting recognized for your efforts and contributions motivate you in your job?


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Q. What type of recognition do you find most memorable?


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HR can use the festivity season to foster bonds amongst the peer groups and also build loyalty amongst employees. Various activities can be planned which increase the affinity of employees towards the company and its culture. After all an engaged workforce increases productivity and festivals are supposed to be joie de vivre (joy of living).

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