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Everybody is buzzing about HR technology today – why it is important, what services are more important and how employees have more control. Forbes has recently carried an article by Deloitte on the top drivers of growth in HR technology. It is our understanding of these market trends that ultimately helps us meet evolving client HR requirements, particularly in the ever-changing SMB segment.

The biggest challenge facing companies today is outdated HR systems that do not incorporate the latest technologies. Many companies find themselves unable to accommodate new social media technologies or respond to employees in real time. While earlier HR comprised mostly of tracking leaves and salaries, today’s employees need to be empowered with rapid, real time information on company policies, enabled to manage their leave and carry out performance appraisals. If the system does not allow for these, companies are left with unhappy employees.

The prevalence of the cloud ensures that companies too can benefit from up-to-date employee information and feedback. When using a cloud-based HR system, companies can introduce a new software or solution quickly and without any hassle. In addition, companies can receive instant data on new hires, put up new policies and check which employees are on leave. That is why we, at EmpXtrack, offer HR solutions in the cloud so that companies can access people data anywhere, anytime. At the same time, employees can also access data relevant to them with ease.

The Deloitte study emphasizes the importance of the right user interface and design in an HR solution. That is why we custom design all our HR solutions so employees can work with it intuitively – whether they need to set a goal, request for leave, track attendance, etc.

Previously, people management was seen as a necessary evil. But that’s slowly changing with specialised HR software. Companies are now aware that engaged and loyal employees increase productivity and revenue while a high attrition rate continues to rake up costs.

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  1. that’s try i completely agree with you that old system does not incorporate with new technologies and the new system is good to adopt new system.


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