HR Trends: Use an Online Recruitment Tool to Find your Next Hire!



Hey recruiters… Wake up…. It’s time to use online recruitment tool to find your next hire!

Yes, you heard that right.

Is hiring the right person for a job role only a matter of luck? Is that what you think? If so, I would like to take an opportunity to clear this delusion.

Hiring suitable candidates for a job within a predictable timeline is something that every recruiter wants to achieve. In fact, it may be a key KRA for the recruiter.

With significant advances in HR technology, cloud-based recruitment tools enable recruiters to publish job requirements on multiple job portals, view responses from candidates in real-time, setup interviews with hiring managers, select the right candidates and onboard them seamlessly. Not just that, a recruitment software allows deep search capabilities that would even identify resumes submitted in the past.

Use of an online recruitment tool enables recruiters to follow well-defined steps for tracking applicants while they pass through the recruiting funnel. New hires can be engaged by automating employee onboarding process and effortlessly connecting them to resources they need. Cloud based recruiting systems allows HR to do all that!

The infographic below shows how an online recruitment system makes it easier for HR to track applicants, hire candidates and onboard them.


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