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Role of HR in Strategic Business

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This week we came across two reports: 1) Simplifying the Future of Work Survey by Experts from Wharton and SAP and 2) Simplification of work: The coming revolution by Deloitte University Press. Both reports surprisingly have similar findings. They observe that majority of HR leaders and practitioners find ‘business simplification’ as the biggest bottleneck of their success and a good HRMS can solve this issue.

Wharton and SAPDeloitte University Press
Slightly over 50% HR leaders and practitioners consider ‘business simplification’ of significant strategic importance.More than 7 out of 10 surveyed organizations rated the need to simplify work as an ‘important problem’.

Findings of Wharton and SAP

  • 71% professionals think that their senior leaders considered ‘simplification’, an important future strategy.
  • 72% professionals think that unnecessary processes or complexity inhibit their businesses’ ability.
  • 56% professionals feel that technology is the main reason behind complexity.
  • Only 29% of HR leaders believe that regularly activities of their senior leaders are ‘strongly aligned’ with the business goals.
  • A bit better percentage (i.e. 32%) observe the same statement true for their teams.

Findings of Deloitte


HR as a Savior

Experts observe that HR’s role in the business perhaps have not been adequately acknowledged in the past —that is changing now. So far, IT departments have treated HR job as administrative and back-end activities. They didn’t invest much in HR systems to streamline HR service delivery. Today, industries’ perception have changed. They believe that a modernized HR department can be a savior. According to leading HR practitioners, the world economy is now more dependent on service-based industries and employee knowledge with HR can be a key competitive advantage for the industry leaders.


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  1. Great post on Human Resource Management Software! HRMS software is essential for managing Payroll activities, Time & Attendance Management, Employee Management, etc.


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