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Hiring is a never ending practice. The process goes around lot of money and time in recruiting new sources. Sometimes, recruiting mistakes lead to poor hires causing excessive loss to the organization. To support end-to-end hiring process, there are recruiters who work all day and night with a sole aim to add best talent to their pool.

Have you ever wondered what it costs to be a recruiter? How a recruiter spends a day at work? If not, I’ll tell you.
Imagine a web browser with more than 65 tabs open… what do you think would happen? The browser will stop working! Similarly, recruiters juggle between a lot of things every day and make best efforts to do their jobs.

A recruiter needs to perform multiple tasks, like taking calls from managers from different verticals and listening to their requirements, designing recruitment strategy, preparing job posts, screening hundreds of profiles, promoting company reputation and so on.

This sounds terrible… but what if a recruiter makes a mistake? Are recruiting mistakes forgiving? NO!! Nobody pardons a mistake, so why not get into a safe bubble where there are no mistakes at all.

Here’s a quick guide for HR recruiters to avoid common recruitment mistakes at workplace and enjoy error-free hiring process. An applicant tracking software can help a lot here.

  Mistake #5 Asking wrong interview questions leads to trouble.

Every recruiter must do the homework before taking any interview. Keep a regular practice of creating list of questions to be asked from the candidate. When hiring, it is necessary to evaluate candidate’s professional skills for the job being offered. Asking superficial questions about previous experience makes less or no sense.

  Mistake #4 Don’t ignore the process of checking references.

If a recruiter shortlists a candidate and is willing to take the person on-board, it is mandatory to check references. It is not wise to rely completely on candidate’s view of themselves. Many recruiters do not give much importance to reference check, but WE EXPECT you to NOT fall in that category of HR professionals..!

  Mistake #3 Don’t reject overqualified professionals.

Getting more for less is something every recruiter must start loving. Usually, HR managers reject those profiles in initial screening that seem to exceed required experience. Now this is not something cool!! Hiring a high performing candidate with exceptional experience (for a specific job) is a sheer advantage, and not a downside. Please understand!

  Mistake #2 Reusing old job descriptions is not in fashion.

The organizations are becoming highly competent. To match the speed of the growing business, recruiters need to spot best talent and place them on the work desks. Short and simple. But how?
Recruiters should confirm from the hiring managers if there are any changes in the ‘Job Role’ and suitably modify the job descriptions (if required). Looking for a candidate according to current job demands seems to be a practical approach. Although it is time consuming and needs expertise, but at the end, it’s all worth!

  Mistake #1 Mishandling rejections & not giving proper feedback is so uncool.

Most of the employers do not find it meaningful to spend time on the rejected profiles. Though there is no harm in handling rejected profiles in a polite way, recruiters do not make efforts to fill the gap. They usually pass on the verdict whether (or not) the candidate has made through the interview process. Rejected candidates should be given genuine feedback as it leaves positive impact of the employer brand on the applicant.

Let’s face the truth… Recruiting top talent is not an easy play. It requires expertise, patience and smart strategy to get best employees on board. However, recruiters unintentionally commit mistakes while facing constant pressures of budgets and time. In such cases, it is wiser to take a step back and analyze what is going wrong. As these recruiting mistakes can do more harm than good, we suggest you to stay miles away from them and be on top of your game!

Good Luck!!

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