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The implementation of Empxtrack Lite was recently completed for a not-for-profit organization called African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) based out of Washington DC. This case study covers the benefits seen by the organization after the implementation of the package and is based on the feedback given by the customer.

Customization of the product

Empxtrack considered the client’s organizational structure and priorities in improving performance management. Aligning employee goals to priority interventions would greatly assist AWF as it moves into a phase of more accountability in areas such as staff development and capacity building.

Empxtrack is flexible and was able to meet AWF’s needs – the entire website and user interface was customized. Functionalities such as Auto Save, Ready for Discussion, Spell Check and Print Report were added mainly based on the client needs.

The workflow was further customized to accommodate different reviewer levels and AWF also needed the capability to upload documents and serve as a message board.

Training Requirements

As, Empxtrack is user friendly, most employees were able to begin using the tool after the initial training. Additional training/instructions was also conducted for supervisors and reviewers when new features (ready for discussion, send back to employee) were uploaded.

Process Improvements

  • » Empxtrack helped in eliminating paper based process that saved resources (time and money).
  • » It cuts down on the delays in feedback between supervisors and employees with email notification tools and prompts as well as tracking tools for administrators.
  • » The system is able to run customized reports that help in tracking performance reviews and improving efficiency of delivery.
  • » It has improved participation at all levels since the workflow requires input from employee to supervisor to review before eventually signing off.
  • » It has opened communication across the board in cases where employees report to multiple supervisors, for example, each is able to weigh in during the employee’s appraisal.
  • » It has bridged the problem of location through features such as ‘Ready for Discussion’ where a supervisor and employee do not have to be in the same physical location to conduct the reviews.
  • » It also serves as a one stop portal for a wealth of human resources information – policies and procedures, employee contracts and employee bio data that, in the long run, with further customization will help calculate HR metrics and reporting. Options such as the Self Service component will also empower staff to be more engaged in the HR process.


Empxtrack can be recommended to not-for-profit organizations because they were able to work within a short deadline. The ability to be cost effective while providing customization was also a key driving force.

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