Online Employee Engagement Survey: Boost Positivity Among Workforce

Employee Engagement Survey

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Employees are the most significant assets of any organization. And to keep them happy and satisfied, employee engagement survey becomes a vital part. In fact, majority of HR professionals are focusing on activities that can boost employee engagement.

Some people consider engagement as a new buzz word that indicates job satisfaction, while there’s no such hard-and-fast rule. It is very important to understand that satisfaction and engagement are two different yet equally important aspects of having thoughtful and actionable insights into the labor pool.

Engagement reflects the employees’ connection and commitment towards the work. Completely engaged employees don’t hesitate walking an extra mile to come up with innovative and out-of-the-box solutions, leveraging their organization to reach the next level of success. Such employees are like volunteers who love to devote all their time and energy for a task about which they feel passionate.

Always remember – Employee engagement is a key to foster exemplary workforce performance and drive exceptional business results.

There are different typesof employee surveys used by HR, to get an approximate idea about satisfied and engaged employees in their organization.

Some of the commonly conducted surveys are:

  1. 360-degree review for feedback (more common with managers to rank their team members) surveys
  2. Opinion surveys (to have both positive and negative aspects about a certain implementation)
  3. Engagement surveys (to know the ratio of passionate workforce)
  4. Satisfaction surveys (to know the ratio of content workforce)
  5. Exit Interview surveys (to know the ‘still missing components’ for better workplace environment)


Let’s have a glance at benefits of conducting employee engagement surveys:

  1. Gathering feedback through engagement surveys helps in fostering positive culture in the workplace. Giving a chance to employees to offer their valuable inputs not only keeps them motivated, but also transforms the organization into a better place to work. It helps in minimizing employee turnover rate.
  2. Taking proactive actions on your workforce’s opinion leads to a drastic improvement in the overall organization effectiveness. Happier will be the employees, stronger will be the brand’s relationship with customers. Keeping your employees satisfied and engaged helps your organization to become a well-connected brand and a powerful identity in the industry.
  3. Lastly, if you have a satisfied and completely engaged workforce, you don’t need to worry about the revenue generation. Employees will take up their responsibilities voluntarily and will go beyond limitations to achieve business goals.

Bringing your employees’ hearts, minds, spirits and hands to their work cannot be done by simply waving a magic wand. It requires HR managers to make a practical approach by integrating the advanced HR tools, allowing them to dig deeper and know the individual stories that needs to be told.

How an automated HR system eases conducting employee engagement survey?

Below stated features will surely help you to figure out the answer:

Configurable survey forms

You can design the survey form within few minutes’ time using the advanced tools. All you need to do is specify a name for the survey, type the questions and decide on the response type. Once your survey form is designed, publish the same on the website or gather response through email. Isn’t it a hassle-free and eco-friendly way to work?

Customizable data fields

If you want to conduct the same workforce engagement survey that you have conducted a year back with few changes, you can easily customize the data fields. In fact, many of the tools today offer preconfigure templates to reduce HR efforts while saving them an ample amount of time.

Automated reminders

HR managers can utilize the email invitation tool to publish the surveys on employees’ portal in a single-click. And the auto-reminder functionality works great in getting maximum responses. Automatic alert feature is a boon especially to managers who have a hectic schedule.

Accessible data and analytics

Use of sophisticated tools allow HR to access the measurable data through ready-to-use reports. Further, they can analyze the survey results over a mouse click. This functionality has an optimal use for 360 surveys at the time of evaluating an employee’s performance for appraisals.

Effective leadership measurement

Not only entry-level evaluation, HR can measure the effectiveness of the leaders in the organization by gathering feedback from the team members. All you need to do is prepare a questionnaire, select the team whose leader is to be evaluated and shoot the emails. The data can help for leadership development as every opinion counts.

If you don’t want to miss such an opportunity to boost the morale of your employees, you should look forward to invest in a strategic HR solution that can help you manage 360-degree review and employee engagement survey in no time. Take a smart step to business development today!

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