Is your recruitment management software managing your recruiting process efficiently?

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According to a survey, the biggest talent management challenge that companies face today, is hiring and retention of good employees.

Even though revenue growth is the prime focus for the CEOs, recruiting process is no less important. Hiring right people, is an important challenge that organizations most often face, to run their business.

What should you look for in your recruiting process

Follow the steps given below to select a right recruiting software:

Consider your unique business needs:

The online market is full of recruitment software solutions with a whole lot of features. However, searching a good recruitment management software can be an overwhelming and an exhaustive task. Before selecting a recruitment software you need to check if the software meets your own unique business needs or not.

Ease of Use and cost effectiveness:

It is important to consider that the recruitment management software you purchase is user friendly for the HR department and the help and quick support is available when needed. The cost effectiveness of the software should also be kept in mind. Usually for cloud based software available as SaaS , you only need to pay for the services you use.

Dashboards and reports:

As a CEO, you need a bigger picture of the recruiting activities in your company. For instance, you may need to know the number of vacancies in your organization, the cost of filling a vacancy and the overview of each hiring decision. You may also need to find out if your recruitment management software helps you to optimize the cost and time per hire? A recruitment software with good reporting and dashboarding feature can help you achieve that.

The most important features that you need in your recruitment management software is its ability to manage application and internal/external hiring process, which is typically done through Applicant tracking system (ATS).

The ATS software, which is a part recruitment software should allow you to manage resumes, manage and search candidates, and manage job descriptions efficiently.

Candidate experience and Employer branding:

In the modern recruiting market, on one side where job applicants have become more aware about finding a right job for them, the companies have become more careful about building brand value, building their online presence, and exploring the recruitment strategies to attract the best talent. The CEOs want to see their company as a number one choice for potential candidates. A good online candidate experience can be one of the things that can help you build your employer brand.

A right hire can bring the teams together and contribute extensively to the growth of the business. Whereas a wrong hire, can bring down the morale of team members and can be disastrous for a business. Hence, it is important that you choose a recruitment software that manages your recruiting process according to your own unique business needs.

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