HR Evolution – Seven years from now

HR Evolution – Seven years from now

 Although, seven years does not seem to be a very long time from a general perspective; from a business perspective, it is a long time. Each business year is a milestone and companies assess where they stand among their competitors. Consider the case of social networking sites, which had no existence seven to ten years […]

Free Human Resources (HR) Software Download Facts

What is an HR database software HR Software is a process for the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of employee’s data. It can provide tools for prediction and forecasting, based on data. Thus it can also be used for a wide variety of management decisions, financial decisions about manpower, performance of people, succession planning and […]

Leadership insights on “Budgeting for Growth”

I was invited to a attend a seminar conducted by a local chapter of a management group. The conference was on “Budgeting for Growth“, where experts and industry leaders shared their views on optimizing budgets for marketing, infrastructure, information technology and HR. Since my interest is in HR, I captured and am sharing the viewpoints […]