Technology and Data-Driven HR: Impact on the Women Workforce

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We often hear that women can’t do maths! Does it impact their ability to handle Analytics based HR Tools? Though we DON’T BUY THIS LOGIC, we decided to investigate more and came across a public Google spreadsheet created by Tracy Chou, a software engineer at Pinterest. This spreadsheet contains information about women employees in technology companies. It reveals that technology companies have only 18% women employees in tech roles. Big technology giants (including Yahoo, Google and Facebook) have shared the numbers in public domain and publically accept this reality. On the other hand, HR departments are dominated by women with about 71% women in HR roles. The big question: How comfortable are women with Technology and Data-Driven HR platforms? These platforms are gaining rapid acceptance across the all business categories and will this new adoption curve change the trends?


Perhaps NOT!

In one of its articles, The Huffington Post says, “The Stats On Women In Tech Are Actually Getting Worse.” Quoting the study of American Association of University Women, the article illustrates how alarmingly number of women in computing roles have fallen in last decade:

Women in STEM

Is it due to stereotype male or biasedness?

Top companies are looking into possible reasons and they are organizing workshops to understand whether this trend is due to biasedness or are there other reasons! They are also coming up with some innovative ideas such as trying to provide WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT to women in technology roles – encouraging more women engineers in universities and promoting the adoption of maths and science by the fairer gender. In addition, top companies are setting up diversity goals to ensure equal representation of women employees in tech roles.

Author’s take

We strongly believe that only a balanced workforce can achieve results at each level. Is HR in balance, or will the surging adoption of Technology and Data-Driven HR tools bring balance in the HR department? Either the women workforce will adopt technology or their male counterparts will migrate to HR departments. This will be an interesting trend to follow and analysts will be keenly watching this transition.

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