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How to Quit Asking Bad Questions and Start Asking Great Question

Here is the thing – people seek feedback, while presuming they have the right answer already. Find out how, as an employee or an employer, you can ask the right questions to get an unbiased and holistic picture to base your decisions on, or align your goals. Jeff Haden, Inc. Magazine Contributing Editor, presents some engaging pointers on the topic of garnering effective feedback.


Seven Secrets to Leading a Group

Do leading group meetings and brainstorming sessions make you nervous? ‘The secret is to know what the group needs’, believes the acclaimed ‘New age Guru’ – Deepak Chopra, as he very crisply outlines the nuances of leading and succeeding in group situations. Rubbishing the concept of ‘born-leaders’, he urges employees to learn to be optimistic, supportive & appreciative of their employees, while building mutual trust and promoting creativity.


LinkedIn’s AWESOME New Feature!

Whether you are passionate about HR, entrepreneurship, marketing or technology; creating and sharing articles on the topic of your choice through Linkedin posts is the next big thing. Jerome Knyszewski believes that Linkedin ups this experience for the social-media savvy, with its ‘post STATS’ feature that records demographics and profiles of your readers! Making it to a Linkedin influencer position just got easier.

4 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover with Social Media

‘Social media recruiting’ is yet another way that social media is embedding itself in our day to day lives. But even with this form of recruiting becoming increasingly popular, there are still a number of employers who shy away from this practice. J.T. O’Donnell, an industry authority in Human Resources, resolves these concerns and maps out how Social Media recruiting can reduce employee turnover.

Lights, Camera—Recruit!

As the world’s population becomes increasingly mobile, it is essential that companies take their recruiting process on to the handset as well; especially if they hope to find that ideal candidate. According to Leon Rubis, Vice President – Editorial at SHRM, besides mobile-friendly content, the other trend that is shaking up the recruiting game is adding video content to job postings.

4 Things You Need to Know About Global Candidate Sourcing

With the rapidly widening skills gap, it is becoming increasingly difficult for HR managers and employers to find the right fit. One of the ways to combat this worrying situation is to widen our talent pool. Josh Tolan attempts to convince his readers to re-evaluate typical arguments made against national, or even global hiring.

No, It’s Not a Joke — HR Really Can (and Should) Facilitate Change

It’s easy to find comfort in habit, but change is necessary for an organization’s growth. Carrying out this change can often be a rather daunting task. Carol Anderson believes that the best way to facilitate change is by putting the HR team in charge. Ms. Anderson shares some valuable tips on how the HR department can use its “30,000 foot view”, to make seamless transitions into new processes at the workplace.

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