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Celebrating the Holidays and Diversity in the Workplace

Why you should read it : The holiday season brings along with it holiday decor, parties and the opportunity to inadvertently offend someone at the workplace.

Synopsis : It’s not advisable—and virtually impossible—to ask workers to keep their religious holiday observances completely separate from work. The key, employment lawyers and workplace experts say, is to make sure no one feels excluded or forced to participate in workplace festivities. Diversity, whether it involves religion or the gender of the partner someone brings to a workplace party, should be celebrated along with the holidays so that everyone feels welcome, experts advise. “

9 Employee Retention Statistics That Will Make You Sit Up And Pay Attention

Why you should read it : A high turnover rate does not bode well for firms. Continue reading to find out what the average retention rates are.

Synopsis : A high percentage of attrition has adverse effects on levels of productivity in the workplace. The statistics put together by Maren Hogan don’t paint a pretty picture about the state of employee retention. The good news is that, you can use these statistics as a way to develop new strategies to retain employees for the long haul, and hopefully develop a new hiring process along the way.

You Simply Can’t Guarantee Perfect Work: The Future Of Project Management

Why you should read it : With the economy shifting to a gig economy, project management is a skill, we need to have on our tool belt. Budget constraints and geographic restrictions may put high-caliber talent out of reach for your ad hoc needs.

Synopsis :  Budget constraints and Geographic restrictions usually tends to put high-caliber talent out of reach for ad hoc needs. As a result, leaders tend to assign projects to their pool of existing full-time employees, who may not possess the precise skills and experiences necessary for the project at hand. And the outcomes aren’t pretty: Some 39 percent of projects fail due to lack of planning, resources, and activities. Quality also suffers at the hands of ill-equipped project managers.

Working in HR Takes Courage: A Conversation with Steve Browne

Why you should read it :  Steve Brown is one of the thought leaders in the HR industry. Read what Steve had to say about the Future of HR in his candid interview with Kristen Harcourt.

Synopsis : Steve Browne ends his interview with a valuable piece of advice. He says that, “HR needs to stop apologizing for what they do and stop asking for permission”. This article is full of valuable insights into the HR industry.

Performance Management Without the Numbers?

Why you should read it : A New York-based NeuroLeadership Institute recently studied 52 mid-sized and large companies that have removed performance ratings from their performance-management strategies.

Synopsis : “When you take the ‘box ticking’ away, you’re asking managers to have conversations with people. Employees really appreciate this, but managers often don’t know how to do this”,   says David Rock, author of Your Brain at Work. He further adds, “Employees tend to be happier and feel more respected. We have also seen engagement and collaboration increase.”

Insubordinate Employees May Deserve a Second Chance

Why you should read it : Allen Smith is here to tell us that all acts of insubordination are not the same and every even must be handled individually.

Synopsis : If bridges haven’t been completely burned, “providing an employee with an opportunity to correct his or her behavior can have many positive effects,” Fanning noted. “For example, employee turnover can be costly and you never know if the next employee will exhibit more serious issues. However, because no two employees are the same, there is typically a legitimate reason that justified the difference in treatment.”

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