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The Strange Reason Walmart Hired a Defense Contractor

Why you should read it : Are you in the moral and legal right by spying on your employees.

Synopsis : Walmart is one of the largest department stores in the world with operations in 28 countries. Walmart has always been publicly against the unionizing of it’s employees. Recently they hired Defense contractor Lockheed Martin, who has an intelligence gathering unit to further prevent its employees from joining union.

Pay Transparency Is Coming, Whether You Like It Or Not

Why you should read it : Read about the move towards pay transparency.

Synopsis : Pay transparency is a non-traditional  way to eliminate pay gaps that have their basis in gender or race discrimination. Due to social media, millennials have long been accustomed to displaying their private information online. As they quickly become the largest division of the American workforce, they might be driving out the baby boomers and pay discrimination.

Are you “Tindering” your way to recruiting incompetence?

Why you should read it : In the age of ‘Tinder’, are we swiping too quickly?

Synopsis : According to the author, the average recruiter spends 6 seconds on a resume. This superficial inspection is not enough to decide whether the candidate we are assessing could be our next game changer or not.

Hiring for Offices Overseas

Why you should read it : As the world becomes smaller, overseas recruiting is a task we are faced with more and more frequently.

Synopsis : The hiring process, in general, is not an easy one to start with, which makes hiring in a different country even more daunting. Having to deal with language and cultural differences and barriers along with many regulations and laws that are unfamiliar to you, can lead to many hiring mistakes and shortcuts. This article contains a list of things you should keep in mind to avoid making mistakes.

Long Hiring Delays Are Costing Companies Candidates, While Pushing Time To Fill To Record Highs

Why you should read it : In contradiction to the above article about making our way through piles of candidate resumes, here is one that states we are taking longer than ever to fill empty positions.

Synopsis : 44% of the time when a job offer is rejected it is because the candidate has already taken up another job offer. A report released by Bersin earlier this year stated that on average it takes 52 days to fill a job opening.

Overpaying Performers

Why you should read it : How do you pay the people who are doing twice or more times the amount of work an average performer in your firm does.

Synopsis : Every organization wants to find, attract, and keep elite performers. And if your firm happens to have one or several of these people on board, it is worth making sure they are paid well, that you are empowering them and hopefully they are helping you develop more people just like them.

15 Email Templates To Help Managers

Why you should read it : Writing the perfect email is a time – consuming task that takes time and skill.

Synopsis : Officevibe has put together for you a collection of 15 emails templates to make sending out difficult emails to your employees a little bit easier.

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