Top 7 posts in the HR space ( December 14th – December 21st)

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Why Your Job is Becoming Impossible to Do: The Tragedy of Well-Intentioned Organizational Overload

Why you should read it : Adding more rules and people to a process tends to slow it down rather than making it run faster.

Synopsis : Often it is the human resource department itself that adds more rules and red tape to daily processes. This bogs down the rest of the employees and keeps them tied up in counter productive processes. Most of the time these changes are well-intentioned, Bob Sutton, a professor at Stanford calls this a well- intentioned organizational overload.

Writing a Job Description That Has Teeth

Why you should read it : Make recruiting easier for yourself by writing great job descriptions.

Synopsis : A great job description is one that makes your expectations clear to the candidate. Generic terms such as ‘must be a team player’ are just a waste of valuable space. Instead we should specify things such as the key activities and tasks that will be expected of them, the criteria their performance will be measured against and unique characteristics of your working environment.

Food For Thought – The Office Cafeteria’s Key Role

Why you should read it : About 81% of employees don’t have a real break for lunch, forcing them to have a hurried bite to eat at their desk.

Synopsis : According to research the brain can concentrate for no more than 90 minutes at a stretch and needs a regular supply of glucose to continue functioning productively. Thus carving out an hour from the working day and devoting it to a break does more good than harm. Furthermore a lunch break during which employees can gather and communicate builds culture.

Revamping The Status Quo In 2015: 4 Trends In HR Technology

Why you should read it : The technology revolution has finally come to the field of human resources.

Synopsis : The hottest trend in human resources has been the adoption of technology itself. This was especially made evident in the HR technology Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas. The following four are the most focused upon aspects of this revolution: big data, predictive analytics, cloud computing and the use of integrated software in HR.

Ethical Practice: HR Must Champion a Principled Culture

Why you should read it : The short-term pursuit of quarterly profits is making more and more companies commit ethical breaches.

Synopsis : This year two major scandals came to light, one involved the crushing culture at Amazon and the other one was about falsifying emissions results at Volkswagen. According to Chris MacDonald, it is up to the Human Resource department to embed ethical values into the culture of the company and empower employees to have the courage to act ethically.

Recruiting’s Magic Bullet

Why you should read it : As the global talent pool gets smaller, we need to de-mystify our recruiting content to target the talent that we want.

Synopsis : Brands occasionally assume that just because we know of them that we will want to work with them, moreover we know what their employer brand is like. But that more often than not, this is not the case. Job descriptions need to become more specific and unique to set themselves apart and need to include information like what the toughest parts of the job is, or what their company culture is like.

How To Break Down Barriers To Give More Feedback At Work

Why you should read it : Tips to begin a feedback culture at your office.

Synopsis : Matias Rodsevich thinks feedback is essential for a business to succeed. According to Mr. Rodsevich if your culture is not one of feedback you should start it by giving your co-workers constructive criticism and tips that they can act on. He also gives us tips on how we should give feedback depending on our personality type.

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