Top 7 posts in the HR space ( January 12th – January 18th)

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7 Steps To Better Internship Programs

Why you should read it : An internship program is an extremely valuable resource, as it helps of build a pipeline of potential new hires.

Synopsis : Often interns are looked upon as free labour and made to do all the grunt work. At OmniUpdate interns are viewed as potential candidates, and are developed with care and attention over their 3 month relationship with the firm. This article talks about what makes an internship a valuable experience for both the firm and the intern.

The Silver Tsunami – Recruiting An Aging Labor Force

Why you should read it :  The American labour force is shrinking and getting older.

Synopsis : Due to the demographic changes in the United States, many companies are now forced to reach out to their retired ex-employees and implore them to come back to work. As the number of people leaving the workforce increases beyond the number of people entering it, companies are going to have to make changes to accommodate an ageing workforce with physical limitations.   

Moonlighters Intend to Keep Second Jobs in 2016

Why you should read it : Majority of the moonlighting american workforce plans on keeping their second job in 2016.

Synopsis : Although there has been a strong demand for workers throughout 2015, there has been no increase in wages. As a result majority of the moonlighting workforce is keeping a second job to make ends meet.

Native Advertising — The Next Big Thing In Recruitment Advertising

Why you should read it : Native advertising is the new powerful product that is here to disrupt recruitment advertising.

Synopsis : Native advertising is highly effective for the sole reason that it is providing the reader with highly engaging content without disrupting the host sites’ user interface. Unlike pop-up ads, native advertising is high in information and is very shareable and therefore has potential to reach passive candidates.

Emotional Intelligence – the X factor for great leaders?

Why you should read it : Emotional Intelligence is the reason why the smartest student in your class is not always the most successful.

Synopsis : Although the Intelligence Quotient and technical skills of an individual are important for a person to becomes successful, according to Daniel Goleman they are merely ‘threshold capabilities’, and the more important factor is the presence of a high level Emotional Intelligence. Read this article to learn about the 5 key characteristics of E.Q. 

The Four ‘Cracies of the Future of Work

Why you should read it : Doug Kirkpatrick talks about the 4 important aspects of the future workplace.

Synopsis : The suffix ‘cracy’ is deceiver from the Greek word “kratein”, meaning “governing power”. In this article Doug Kirkpatrick talks about organizational democracy, teleocracy, holacracy and sociocracy.

You Need to Bring Finance and HR Together for the Better

Why you should read it : Read about all the benefits that arise from a union between HR and finance.

Synopsis : Very rarely do personnel from the Human Resources department and finance department collaborate on work-related decisions. But this uncommon partnership is mutually beneficial on numerous fronts. The finance department can help HR make smarter decisions by helping them calculate the cost of each hire, while the HR department can help the finance team trim the fat by clueing them in on which benefits are rarely used by the employees.

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