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It’s A Million-Dollar Question: Can People Ever Really Be Happy At Work?

Why you should read it : Is the pursuit of happiness a never ending or can we actually find it at work?

Synopsis : Happiness is not necessarily the absence of stress. Nurses and NGO workers, for example, are more often than not over-worked and underpaid, but are still completely dedicated to their job. Their happiness is derived from the fact that they are helping people. Some people, on the other hand, derive their happiness from successful relationships at work.

Dumb HR Policies That Simply Drive Employees Crazy

Why you should read it : It’s time our HR policies caught up with the 21st century.

Synopsis : The power is currently in the hands of the candidates, and companies can no longer function like dictatorships if they wish to retain their employees. For example, a lot of firms block access to Facebook and ban freelancing , which is equal to policing their employee’s free time. This ends up frustrating employees and they end up being not as productive or as inspired as they could be.

Tracking Healthcare Benefit Costs

Why you should read it : According to surveys, healthcare costs are not expected to rise above 6% in 2016.

Synopsis : Over the past year, companies in the United States have implemented more transparency in their healthcare plans and have added more wellness programs. This combined with the move to high-deductible plans has been the main source of the slowdown in the increase of healthcare costs.

4 Ways HR Can Help To Hire And Retain Employees In 2016

Why you should read it : Let hope the new year brings along with it new solutions to solve our attrition problems.

Synopsis : With more and more firms reaching unprecedented heights, the talent pool shortage is making life increasingly difficult for HR. Talent shortage combined with the fast paced environment of today means we have to take decisions in a split second. Jean Martin has 4 tips for us to help us make decisions faster this coming year.

Are you stuck in a Talent Management Fog?

Why you should read it : Developing a clear strategy is necessary for talent management.

Synopsis : A talent management strategy plays a crucial role in building a high performance organization. According to Diane Gibson, President of DMG Consultancy, Ltd. , “Your main line of defense against your competitors in the war for talent is to acquire, develop, align, motivate and retain every human asset you have.”

Can Employee Training Lead to Higher Profits?

Why you should read it : Intensive internal training of employees leads to higher profits.

Synopsis : The key here is that not all training yields equal benefits, providing an employee training to raise their level of knowledge about clients’ industries is the most beneficial. In his research paper, Joydeep Chatterjee analyzes the relationship between training and profits at different IT firms.

Employee Engagement Singularity – Infinite Monkey Blogger Theorem

Why you should read it : Is it finally time to give up on trying to improve our employee engagement scores?

Synopsis : According to Paul Hebert, we have reached a point where there is nothing new left to write on employee engagement. He also believes that our attempts to increase engagements are futile.  

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