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The Growing Demand for HR Analysts

Why you should read it : HR data analysts are hard to come by, because the field is still new and the demand high.

Synopsis : HR analysts are professionals that can use a vast store of information and computing power within organizations, to answer many of the most important questions about their workplaces and their workforces.

Radical Candor Is Not An Excuse For Bad Feedback

Why you should read it : Radical candor is the concept wherein which, employees are constantly provided with blunt and honest feedback.

Synopsis : A culture of radical candor, gives its proponents the opportunity to be insensitive and mean spirited. For the same reason, radical candor is occasionally also referred to as front-stabbing. According to Sharlyn Lauby, feedback should be used to build trust and relationships and not to demoralize co-workers.

Reduce the Legal Risks of Performance Reviews

Why you should read it : Unintentional bias of a reviewer, conducting a performance review can lead a firm into hot water.

Synopsis : Even if there’s no sign of intent to discriminate, a company could face legal trouble if some part of the review process has a disproportionate impact on a protected group. Toni Vranjes makes a list of a few vital things you should keep in mind while conducting performance reviews.

Viewpoint: What Mobile Platforms Mean for HR

Why you should read it : Josh Bersin talks about the numerous possibilities that mobile friendly HR technology opens us to.

Synopsis : Our mobile devices are extremely powerful, with feature such us location services and Bluetooth. HR technology currently does not take advantage of all the tools available to it. One such possibility is, getting a reminder from your HR app to check in and out of work whenever it detects you enter or leave your workplace.

Study: Profits Rise with Flexible Work

Why you should read it : Workplace flexibility increases a firms profits by improving employee productivity.

Synopsis :  According to Vodafone, 75 percent of the 8,000 companies surveyed worldwide, have introduced policies that allow their employees to either use technology to work remotely or vary their hours for increased flexibility.

Top Candidates Are Gone Within 10 Days … So Assign Each A ‘Hire-By-Date’

Why you should read it : According to, the best candidates are off the market in 10 days.

Synopsis : Recruiters usually tend to underestimate the importance of quick decisions in the hiring process. There is a myth in recruiting, that the longer we take to fill a position the better the quality of the hire is.

Improving Quality of Hire Starts by Banning Pre-screening Assessments

Why you should read it : According to Lou Adler, psychometric pre – screening test should be removed, as they are either invalid, discriminatory or counterproductive.

Synopsis : Pre-screening test are designed to find candidates that fit a certain mold which is the antonym of diversity. Psychometric pre-screening tests are riddled with inefficiencies that rule out hires that have the potential to be great. 

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