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We know that being an HR manager can be particularly taxing – from outlining workplace rules to preventing the next discrimination lawsuit. Wouldn’t you just love it if all the latest in HR news was condensed into a capsule for a quick read? Help us, help you stay updated.
Neuroscience And Biometrics Can Dramatically Improve Your Recruitment Messaging

Why you should read it: Learn about biometrics and how it’s about to revolutionize the way we recruit.

Synopsis : Biometrics involves technology that ‘can measure the impact of a message on a target’s conscious and unconscious brain activity, including its emotional relevance, sensory integration, and memory formation.’ Biometrics have been put to use to maximize the impact of messaging by firms such as Facebook, Time Warner, Yahoo, Twitter, and P&G. Dr. John Sullivan explains how the use of Biometrics can improve the impact of recruitment messaging by at least 25%.

Is Management a Democracy?

Why you should read it: Learn to draw the line between creating a friendly and agreeable business environment for people to work and removing power to make decisions and accountability.

Synopsis: Dr. Rebel Hanna defines what a democracy is and a corporation is and then goes on to state how the two can not be one of the same thing.

Hey HR Pro: No One Will Remember How Much Of The Budget You Saved

Why you should read it: We inherently believe that if we save our firm money by not completely utilizing our budget we are doing them a service. But that isn’t always the case.

Synopsis: Tim Sackett provides an anecdote from the beginning of his HR career about he got praised for overshooting his budget by half a million.

Can Employees Steal Confidential Documents To Prove Discrimination?

Why you should read it: Discrimination within a firm is always a hot button topic. Be informed about all the laws in place to protect employees and employers.

Synopsis: In 2010 the New Jersey Supreme court stated that, under certain circumstances, an employee could legally swipe an employer’s confidential documents to prove his or her discrimination claim. Last month the court revisited its decision and made it unlawful for an employee to commit thievery or ‘ self-help’ to prove his or her discrimination charges.

The Big Benefits Your Organization Gets From Collaborative Hiring

Why you should read it: Get better hiring results, improved productivity and retention benefits from Collaborative hiring.

Synopsis: Collaborative hiring can also be described as team based hiring, it’s the process by which almost all the members of a team are involved in the hiring process. Dr. John Sullivan talks about why collaborative hiring is quickly becoming the norm in Silicon Valley while also stating the few downsides that come along with the process.

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