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We know that being an HR manager can be particularly taxing – from outlining workplace rules to preventing the next discrimination lawsuit. Wouldn’t you just love it if all the latest in HR news was condensed into a capsule for a quick read? Help us, help you stay updated.

7 Great Questions To Ask An Applicant’s References

Why you should read it: Asking these 7 questions to your applicant’s references, ensures that you are hiring a quality candidate.

Synopsis : “By talking to an individual’s personal and professional references, you have the opportunity to gather more information about the person and his/her work ethic.”  Christian Moore has a set of interesting questions, such as “Would You Trust the Candidate with Large Sums of Money, Children, or Fragile Individuals?”, which give you important insights into your candidate.

5 Legal Lessons To Consider When Handling Millennial Background Checks

Why you should read it: Update your screening process to make sure you don’t filter out all the millennials.

Synopsis : Millennials have a tendency to chronicle their lives online, and this gives hiring managers more access to every aspect of their candidates’ lives. This is not necessarily a positive change, as usage of the candidate information may not always be legal – in a hiring context. Angela Preston talks about the intricacies of social media and other forms of background checks in the context of millennials.

Making Social Work

Why you should read it: Read how one company (Paychex) used social media to engage their employees and build a brand for themselves.

Synopsis : The use of social media at work is usually frowned upon. But Paychex recognises social media to be a large part of everyone’s daily lives. Hence they could launch #PaychexProud. HR Technology® Conference Co-Chair, Steve Boese, interviewed Laurie Zaucha, VP of human resources and organizational development, and Joe Schaeffer, social-media-program manager of Paychex, to learn more about this campaign.

HR Happy Hour 216 – Keeping HR Data Secure

Why you should read it: Shorten your commute to work with this podcast about the need for you to keep HR data secure.

Synopsis : “This week on the show, Steve and Trish were joined by ADP’s Chief Security Officer, Roland Cloutier, for a fascinating discussion on organizational and employee data security. Roland discussed the primary issues and concerns that HR and business leaders have with data security, the best ways for HR leaders to engage with their solution providers and their internal teams when navigating issues of data security.”

Embracing diversity and leading for the future

Why you should read it: It’s time you embrace diversity, because all 50 states of the United Stated of America just did.

Synopsis : “Diversity is not only about gender, race, and sexual orientation. It can also mean a different background, culture, style.” Diversity is essential to achieve innovation, growth and agility. Vicky Li states that a number of people, in leadership positions, got there by being yes-men and coloring within the lines. Due to this, they favour people who do not challenge their authority, as a result throttling innovation. It’s time we break this cycle and give diversity a chance.

HR Roundtable : What will HR look like in 2020

Why you should read it:  The article answers questions such as, ‘What things does HR do well in 2015?’ and  ‘What should HR add, or look like in the future?’

Synopsis : Steve Browne does an incredible job stepping back and taking a look at the big picture of HR. This article may help you to make a game plan for the future and give you an idea on what the HR trends are going to be in the near future.

When will employees REALLY become your most important asset?

Why you should read it: Ask the questions contained in this article to know if your firm is treating it’s employees as it’s greatest asset.

Synopsis : Ron Thomas aptly says that to get a return, out of an asset, we must first and foremost put an investment into it. When it comes to our client, we do our best to make them feel valued and appreciated. We view a loss of a client due to a lack of engagement, as a lack of effort on our part. It’s time we started viewing our employees in the same manner to get better ROI on our assets.

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