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We know that being an HR manager can be particularly taxing – from outlining workplace rules to preventing the next discrimination lawsuit. Wouldn’t you just love it if all the latest in HR news was condensed into a capsule for a quick read?

HR Outsourced

Why you should read it : Is the trend to outsource our HR department a step in the wrong direction?

Synopsis : Outsourcing to reduce costs and headcount is a decades old strategy. It all began in 1700’s with the outsourcing of the manufacturing process. The recent addition to this strategy is HR services. Budhaditya Dasgupta argues that outsourcing HR throws a wrench in the everyday workings of a firm, which far outweigh the cost savings benefits.

Isn’t LeBron Amazing? Imagine The Impact Of Hiring A Similar ‘Game Changer’ Into Your Firm (Part 1 Of 2)

Why you should read it : Dr. John Sullivan uses LeBron James as an example to illustrate the importance of hiring a game changer.

Synopsis : The Cleveland Cavaliers boosted their value by a whooping $400 million within a year of adding LeBron James to their roster. ‘Money makes money’ and top talent attracts other top talent. Besides attracting covet-able talent, hiring a game changer also improves retention of current employees and motivates them to work better. Part 1 of Dr. Sullivan’s series lists out all the benefits of hiring a game changer.

Isn’t LeBron Amazing? Imagine The Impact Of Hiring A Similar ‘Game Changer’ Into Your Firm (Part 2 Of 2)

Why you should read it : Learn how to find your “$400 million generating employee”.

Synopsis : Dr. Sullivan states that in the age of social media, spotting a game changer is the easy bit (akin to spotting a purple squirrel). The difficult part is everything else, i.e. approaching them and subsequently convincing them to change jobs. This article provides you with guidelines to design your recruiting process, while attempting to hire a game changer.

Better Recruiters Channel Their Inner Chimpanzee

Why you should read it : ‘Un-complicate’ the way you eat a banana and the way you recruit.

Synopsis : The fear of hiring the wrong candidate for the job has caused our hiring process to morph into an obstacle course. We hope that the hoops that we make potential hires jump through will weed out the unfit candidates. In other words do our job for us.  Dawn Burke helps us ‘un-complicate’ this exhausting process and take us back to the basics.

Employee Engagement Is At an 8-Year Low [infographic] – Friday Distraction

Why you should read it :  An update on the captivating conversation about employee engagement.

Synopsis : Quantum Workplace recently published a report, titled the 2015 Employee Engagement Trends Report. This report analyzes close to 500,000 surveys to uncover workplace trends at a national, regional, organizational and industrial level. This infographic contains all the key finding, in a condensed form.

Former Google Recruiter Tells: Here’s Why People Want To Work For You

Why you should read it : Understand why ‘corporate culture’ has a buzzword status?

Synopsis : Ott Jõgi had the pleasure of attending a talk by and interviewing David Bizer, a recruiting and talent management guru. Ott summarizes his encounters in this article. He covers the importance of having a unique work culture along with common mistakes companies make when addressing their culture and ways to boost culture and performance.

The 5 Elements of Employee Engagement

Why you should read it : Disengaged employees cost American businesses approximately $300 billion annually. Learn how to NOT contribute to this figure.

Synopsis : As a bonus, the article charts out the path to employee engagement using a well illustrated slideshare presentation. The well illustrated 26 slide presentation, states 5 steps to achieving employee engagement; which  are recognition, purpose, rewards, autonomy & community/ culture.

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Know Your HR Trends in Retail for 2015

Why you should read itWish to stay up to date with the latest HR updates in your retail business? Then read on for some interesting insights into HR retail management trends of 2015.

Synopsis : The retail environment is fraught with incessant change when it comes down to processes, people and technology. Staying abreast with the latest HR trends will help your company stay ahead of the curve and become a leading employer in the retail space.From all new mobile apps that simplify HR processes to performance review upgrades, there is so much happening that can help you reinvent your HR strategy.

Know Who Is Next in Line to the Leadership Throne: Succession Planning

Why you should read it : This article takes you through the ABCs of succession planning.

Synopsis : There could be nothing more critical and stressful than a situation when a leader leaves your organisation, and there is no one to plug the gap he has left behind. It can lead to a plummet in stakeholder confidence, drop in profits and ultimately the disintegration of your entire enterprise. The article takes you through the case study of a successful business man whose company needs a successor and how following best practices of succession planning could have helped him make the process seamless.

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