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We know that being an HR manager can be particularly taxing – from outlining workplace rules to preventing the next discrimination lawsuit. Wouldn’t you just love it if all the latest in HR news was condensed into a capsule for a quick read?

Want To Recruit Great Talent? Focus On Your Online Presence

Why you should read it : A online presence is essential to attract the best talent.

Synopsis : Businesses with little or no online presence will have trouble finding the best talent because job seekers won’t take the time to pursue an opening without a clear sense of the corporate culture.

HR Must Prepare for Increase in Ransomware Demands

Why you should read it : 2016 has seen a rise in ransomware threats and the typical ransom amounts have ranged between $100 to $500.

Synopsis : Ransom costs started soaring since the FBI last year recommended that companies hit with the malware infections just pay the ransoms. The money is paid through an untraceable type of online currency called bitcoin. The ransom amount often rises if timely payment is not made.

The Future Workplace? It Will Be Built Around Smaller, Quicker, More Agile Teams

Why you should read it : In the face of rapid change and frequent disruption, a full 92 percent of companies put responsive organizational design at the top of their priority lists.

Synopsis : Smaller teams are often better suited to achieving faster results, fostering more engagement, and maintaining a closer line-of-sight to the mission. Therefore organizations are re-structuring themselves to form a network of teams.

Gambling Gambit

Why you should read it : The article answers whether you should allow gambling at work, implement moonlighting policies and whether daylight savings time affects the workplace.

Synopsis : Shari Lau, SHRM’s knowledge manager answers questions that are likely to plague your HR team this week. Shari Lau answers, how do you prevent a drop in productivity during the annual basketball season? And does having a moonlighting policy alienate workers?

Building a New HR Team Without Breaking the Bank

Why you should read it : Find out what you should to do if you can’t afford an HR generalist.

Synopsis : As your company grows it is vital to have all the areas of human resources covered. The most essential of these is the legal compliance. Having someone constantly monitor the changing laws and making sure you are in compliance with them is necessary to help protect your business from lawsuits.

Getting Managers To Take Action On Turnover … By Using Heat Maps And Dollar Impacts

Why you should read it : Heat maps are widely used throughout corporations and the military to make problem areas more visual. But despite their wide use, they are seldom implemented in HR.

Synopsis : Heat maps use colors to identify and draw your attention to the “hot areas” where the biggest problems are occurring. Visual heat maps can be developed by almost anyone using Excel.They add great value because instantly the viewer’s eyes are drawn to the red clusters or circles, which are areas where immediate action is needed.

A Note To Recruiting Leaders: Reporting Is Not Analytics

Why you should read it : Many talent acquisition leaders seem to be confusing analytics with reporting and metrics.

Synopsis : While reporting tells you what has happened, analytics provides insights as to why it is happening and what can be done to make the outcome more favorable. Analytics is the key for talent acquisition leaders to unlock the insights within their respective organizations that can generate high levels of return.

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