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We know that being an HR manager can be particularly taxing – from outlining workplace rules to preventing the next discrimination lawsuit. Wouldn’t you just love it if all the latest in HR news was condensed into a capsule for a quick read?

What A Bad Boss Can Do To An Employee’s Health

Why you should read it : When employees have to deal with a bad boss on the regular, negative health effects often begin to appear.

Synopsis : “Bad bosses aren’t about improving performance or increasing productivity — they’re about imposing their will and terrorizing anyone  who they think are resisting.” Having a bad boss means that your body goes into a fight or flight response on a regular basis, which eventually wreaks havoc on the rest of your hormone levels.

Should You Respond to Negative Online Reviews?

Why you should read it : In today’s age of transparency, 75% of job seekers consider an employers brand before they consider applying for a job.

Synopsis : Having to respond to online reviews has been a growing problem for employers since the advent of websites such as Glassdoor. Do you ignore criticism—even if it’s false—or do you respond to it? The former tactic can do severe damage to an employer brand; the latter can make an employer look defensive.

How Encouraging Employees To Take Vacation Time Can Help You Attract Top Talent

Why you should read it : According to Sean Bisceglia, “If you don’t find ways to show that you support a work-life balance, you’re taking a vacation from attracting top talent.”

Synopsis : Amongst the many reasons that employees forgo their allotted vacation time, the most worrisome is that employees feel guilty about taking time off. “[They worry that] their bosses will view them as being less committed to their jobs” , making them liable to losing their jobs in the future.

Singapore Says Hire Senior-Level Local Talent or Leave. Building A Cross Cultural Roadmap in Singapore and Across the Globe

Why you should read it : “Most foreign companies in Singapore (and all over the planet) have in fact been trying to hire more local talent.”

Synopsis : Slowing economies encourage firms to speed up hiring locals because it’s more cost-efficient than expats. Besides the obvious fiscal incentive, local hires also know the market better and have stronger contacts and relationships in the market.

This is Why Employee Benefits Communications Fail

Why you should read it : According to Aflac’s 2015 WorkForces Report, only 20% of the surveyed employees felt they have enough information to make informed decisions about their benefits.

Synopsis : The three main reasons your employees are ill-informed about their benefits are : they don’t know what’s important, the don’t understand what they’re reading, they’re frustrated by the format. Matt Straz talks about the previously stated problems in depth and also proposes possible solutions for the same.

When Your Employee Gets Arrested

Why you should read it : Learn about what the law says you should do when you find yourself in this sticky situation.

Synopsis : Stuart Rudner recounts a tale in which a company fired an employee for being charged with a criminal offense. The company in question subsequently got sued for doing so and lost the case.

A TEST FOR CANDIDATES: Do You Wave/Hustle When I Stop My Car And Let You Cross?

Why you should read it : Human Resources expert, Kris Dunn, knows how you can get an accurate read on your candidates personality with just one question.

Synopsis : You could spend hours with a candidate, but still be in for a surprise when you hire him or her. According to Kris Dunn the true test of a candidates personality is how they treat someone who they are under no pressure to treat with respect.

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